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There is a clumsy wording: “A citizen must stand up for his homeland”, so what should you do? Hovhannisyan to the political forces – 2024-04-02 06:42:26

2024-04-02 06:42:26

Dangerous situation, abandoned people

There is a clumsy wording that is used either out of comfort zone or because of ignorance of what to do: “a citizen must stand up for his homeland”.

What should you do? Without competent organization by political forces, without correct content, management and zero willingness to sacrifice, how can a citizen stand up for his homeland?

What kind of demagoguery is that? The perception of your homeland and that of a citizen is 100 percent different, and we have achieved this in just 30 years. The “old elites” look at the motherland from the height of their accumulated capital, the citizen from the daily care of raising his child.

Do we have citizens? And who set the problem of forming a citizen of an independent state after gaining independence? By and large, we had a misunderstood state, in the environment of which today’s citizen was formed. And thanks to that, Nikol was able to win the hearts of the “citizen” with his empty populist way of working.

Dispossessed people, dispossessed electorates

Today we have a dispossessed people, dispossessed electorates. This is a hard reality, but we must have the courage to accept it, because it will prompt us to take the right steps in the future.

1. It is necessary to stand up for the electorates, and not to call for a life-and-death uprising for several days in a year, and forget about the people the rest of the time. The electorates should be given a complete package of the future, where a person will see the interest of himself, his family, his village-city, his state. That is the mission of political-public formats, not the calculation of the future mandate or position.

2. It is necessary to go to an inter-constituency dialogue. This is leadership, this is solidity. 80 percent of Nikol’s electorate is no longer his, but instead of talking to these people, offering them a choice, bringing them into the field of cooperation, we continue to threaten or insult them. As soon as the topic of Tavush was opened, opposition circles began to spread about those villages in 2021. the voting results. How much one must not understand Armenia, not understand the people, and not understand the common man in order to do this. What did you mean by that, is it enough for you? But this is not the problem of the poor peasant of Tavush or the one who voted under the pressure of propaganda, this is the problem of all of us, it is the limit of all of us, it is the problem of all our future generations, future decades or centuries.

There is work to be done

Armenia needs a future, and the management of the future should be carried out by newly formed or forming forces. Those who had the courage to stand up and speak openly with the public. Those forces have all the moral rights to form the new political elite. “Hayakve”, “Motherland”, “New Power”, “Together” and others. I am sure that in the near future new forces and new formats will be formed, because objectively there is a gap in the electorate and content. The church should have an exclusive role, and life forces us to reconsider the thesis that “the church and the state are separate” (this will be discussed in detail in the near future). An important role should be played by a list of conditional “old” figures who should contribute to the future with their human qualities and literacy. The public associates all previous vicious phenomena with the RPA, but in today’s “new” RPA there are really politically minded, serious faces who also have important human qualities and are ready for further developments. And with that formula, we can find people shaping the new political field everywhere. The future of Armenia needs real people, not just another incomprehensible ones who are played from inside or outside. Armenia has new, real problems, and we need new, real political content, new management.

Հեղինակ՝ Vahe Hovhannisyan Alternative projects group

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