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Malayalam Star RJ Mathukutty Welcomes First Child – A Son!

2024-04-02 05:49:00


No matter how many children there are, parents cannot forget the moment they hold their first eyeball in their hands for the rest of their lives. It has only been a few days since this Malayalam favorite star became a father. The post is about the joy of carrying my son in a baby carrier like this

It has only been a few days after the delivery of his wife Elizabeth Shaji Mathil. RJ informed that he had a son just four days ago. Mathukutty informed the fans through Instagram. The yet-to-be-named son is the first apple of Elizabeth and Matthew’s eye.

It is hinted that Elizabeth will give birth in a foreign country. Pictures of Mathu and Elizabeth’s brother coming here were also posted before the birth

Elizabeth and Mathukutty are from the same country. Their love and marriage happens unexpectedly. On the first anniversary of their marriage, they will have a baby son with them.

The ‘gender reveal’ of the baby, which is very popular in foreign countries, was done outdoors by Mathu and Elizabeth. Mathukutty also shared the video of this ceremony held in Nadu on Instagram.

RJ Arun Mathew was born as a child. After this, Mathukutty also tried his hand at the roles of anchor and director.

‘Udan Paas’ TV. Raj Kalesh Diwakaran and Mathukkutty’s performance in the show caught the attention of the audience. Asif Ali starrer ‘Kunjeldo’ was directed by Mathukutty.

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