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The Week in Review: Stormy Daniels Testimony and Legal Troubles for Donald Trump

Marked by the stirring testimony of Stormy Daniels, the past week has been frustrating and humiliating for Donald Trump. Despite this, the former president can also be happy considering that his troubles before the courts are coming to an end.

Stormy Daniels and others

Stormy Daniels’ testimony, which spanned two days, received media coverage that in no way corresponds to the importance of the features presented.

If we can think that the salacious details of the alleged relationship between the reality TV star and the pornographic film star could leave in the minds of the jurors an unflattering image of the accused, anything to spread is incriminating for Donald Trump.

We can think that the test will reach its result long before the election, but it is very clever that can predict the result. A unanimous decision from the jury is required, failing which the Republican candidate will be relieved of the burden.

The good news of the week for Donald Trump came from Florida. To the surprise of the vast majority of experts, Judge Aileen Cannon, who is presiding over the trial over the management of classified documents, suspended the proceedings indefinitely.

Whether one understands his decision or not, the effect is to guarantee that, even if the trial were to begin before the election, there would be no judgment before the vote on November 5.

We already know that the other two criminal trials involving the Republican candidate are also stalled.

While we in Washington await the decision of the Supreme Court on the issue of presidential immunity, in Georgia, the lawyers of the 45th president have accepted a further delay.

On May 11, it can therefore be said that Trump’s lawyers won the bet which was to allow him to be elected before he was possibly convicted.

Political influence

Last week, Jean-Marc Léger argued that if he were convicted, his support for Donald Trump would be reduced. He was looking at a six-point loss, which would have left the Republican candidate with 37% of the vote.

What will remain of this effect in six months? Already, we can say that the Americans are not very interested in the New York trial if we look at the TV ratings. More important: Biden’s support would not increase significantly, and instead the disillusioned voters would gravitate toward undecideds.

Convicted or not, if he avoids prison, Donald Trump is still considered a strong candidate. Every defeat or postponement adds to his aura of invincibility. If he takes advantage of this context to return to the White House, he could then try to end the proceedings initiated against him.

Photo of the week

A sketch of the testimony of Stormy Daniels from a court artist, where we also see a reproduction of a photo of the porn star in the company of Donald Trump (this sketch was circulated in many American media this week).

The number of the week

1 billion dollars. This is the amount of money Trump hopes to receive from twenty oil company executives. According to Washington Post, Trump promised these leaders to reverse regulations or policies from the Biden administration. These deals are unethical, but they don’t break any laws.

Quotes of the week

“In business, every dollar, every coin counts. Even in high-end boutiques, I negotiate. I hate paying the sticker price”. Bragg’s team used numerous quotes from Trump’s book titled How To Be Rich. We want to demonstrate that the accused practices micromanagement and that a payment of $130,000 cannot escape notice.

The lie detector

“I am not allowed to testify because a judge, in a complete conflict of interest, placed an unconstitutional gag order on me. I’m not allowed to express myself”. While in charge of his presence in court and his election campaign at the same time, Donald Trump made this statement to journalists. Judge Merchan corrected him, reminding him that it was Trump’s duty to ask to be heard as a witness, which his lawyers advise him against.


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