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Robert Habeck torn – Entrepreneur attacks minister – “Already speechless”

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    Economics Minister Robert Habeck has been criticized for months. The belief that he has the right ideas for the ailing German economy is dwindling. A woman entrepreneur now becomes very clear.

    Berlin – Stefanie Hering has been making porcelain for private customers and star chefs who pay attention to design for 30 years. With Hering Berlin Porcelain, she has created a global brand in the porcelain sector. Now she is reacting to Robert Habeck’s statement that a company that no longer has any orders does not need to file for bankruptcy, it just needs to stop working. “You’re already speechless. That’s a situation where you think: Let’s leave it in Germany, or are we going out too?“, she said Berliner Zeitung.

    Stefanie Hering describes the current economic situation as “absolutely critical”. In particular, rising costs are causing considerable difficulties for her, as well as for many other German companies. She explained: “That is what we are still nibbling at today, and that is where we will also suffer one or two losses, that companies will simply give up and no longer make it.”

    “At some point it will be a dead end, or you have to say it’s no longer worth it,” says Stefanie Hering about the economic situation. © imago stock&people

    Rising costs are impacting customers

    Previously, areas such as energy, supply chains, disposal and materials were of little importance in the calculation because they only incurred low costs. Today, however, the increased costs are clearly noticeable and have to be passed on, “and then you will see an annual increase in prices of 10 to 15 percent.” This is also due to economic policy in Germany.

    In order to remain attractive for the often family-run companies, wages have to keep pace: “If a father or mother worked in a company and tells their son or daughter to do the job, then they have to be able to support the family.” Rising costs impact customers “again and again and again, and then you lose because you’re too expensive.”

    In Germany the production costs are higher than in other countries. Stefanie Hering points out the significantly lower energy prices in France. The cost of plaster molds has now tripled and disposal has also become more expensive. Hering warns: “At some point it will be a shot in the neck, or you have to say it’s no longer worth it.”

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