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The second completed office, POKPO, is scheduled to open in Hongdae in April.

The 2nd completed office, Waterfall (POKPO)

Proptech company Smatch Corporation unveils its second completed office, ‘POKPO’, in Hongdae.

A complete office refers to a space that is equipped with all the necessary elements for an office space. Companies can move in quickly without having to worry about space utilization and configuration, saving time and costs for initial occupancy.

Smatch Corporation said, “It is excellent cost-effectiveness in that it provides more space than other shared offices, which provide an exclusive area of ​​about 0.7 pyeong per person. In addition, interior design and furniture can be used for free and unnecessary membership costs can be reduced.” He said, “We are continuously developing completed offices as a means of raising the value of buildings by utilizing insights from the rental market.”

Previously, Smatch Corporation introduced ‘PORTIER SEOCHO’ in December last year. Based on this performance and Smatch’s customer data, the second office waterfall was opened near Hongdae. Waterfall is a project that transformed an entire new building in Mapo-gu, Seoul into a completed office. The strong impression felt from the building’s exterior reminded me of a waterfall, and the brand name of the completed office was used as the name of the building.

Waterfall Building is located on Yanghwa-ro Street between Hongik University Station and Hapjeong Station, and the building can be reached in about 5 minutes on foot from each station, providing excellent accessibility to Subway Line 2. The 10-story office building consists of the first and second ground floors, which are exclusive retail floors, and the third to tenth floors, which are exclusive office floors. The exclusive area per floor is 54.14 pyeong (178.99 m2, standard floor), which can accommodate up to 42 people. Waterfall does not have small rooms such as single rooms, but rather rents floors to one business owner, so there is no need to share space with other companies, so security is excellent.

A characteristic of this building is that the color concept for each floor is different for low-rise, mid-rise, and high-rise. On the standard floor, there is a back-up space such as a workstation and canteen consisting of desks and furniture that can be used by about 30 people. Therefore, business owners can start work right away without having to purchase office furniture separately. The third floor is a dedicated conference room floor that can be used by the entire business, making the office building unique.

In addition, the building itself faces the road to the north, so you can enjoy a cool city view, and from the 10th floor, you can enjoy a view encompassing the Hongdae commercial district and a sense of openness with a 3.6m high ceiling. The office-only floor also provides a comfortable working environment with a high ceiling of 2.9m.

Cho Joong-hyun, Chief Design Officer (CDO) of Smatch Corporation, said, “Our second completed office waterfall is the result of the concept of an office space where ‘you can work right away as soon as you bring your laptop.’ We changed the Korean sound to the English name to suit the MZ cultural center commercial district. “We replaced it with ‘POKPO’ to bring out the hip sensibility,” he explained.

Meanwhile, the completed office waterfall is scheduled to be completed in April, and office tours and occupancy inquiries can be made through the Smatch website.

Choi Yong-seok, reporter

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