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The reappearance of Kate Middleton and the strategy for her return – 2024-04-04 17:43:01

2024-04-04 17:43:01

The last time the princess was seen in public was in December of last year, and her official return is reportedly already being worked on with experts.

For the first time since her abdominal surgery, the Princess of Wales, Kate Middletonmade a unexpected reappearance in which she was accompanied by her husband, the prince Williamaccording to a video published by TMZ.

According to The Sun, some people claim that they saw the couple walking last weekend, but until now there was no evidence of this. Several people even stood up suspicions and theories about his state of health, after he stops Mother’s Day in the United Kingdom uploaded a photograph with his children, generating great controversy for being edited.

However, this Monday TMZ published a video that shows the first appearance on public roads of the princess. In the record, she can be seen shopping with her husband at a business near Windsor.

There were even those who witnessed the sighting who classified the aspect of authority as “happy and healthy.”

The strategy for Kate Middleton’s official comeback

The last time Kate Middleton was seen in public was in December last yearfor this reason, since the Kensington Palace They explained that the authority would not appear publicly again at least until after Easter.

A few days before this celebration, the British media Mirror revealed that the Palace is currently working on an intense strategy for the princess’ long-awaited return to public life.

This plan is a secret project on which several public relations experts are working incessantly. Those in charge behind this procedure would be Ian Patrick, William’s private secretary; the lieutenant colonel Tom White and two former Buckingham Palace staff with extensive experience, in addition from Kate’s communications team.

For its part, a source close to the case stated that “the team is working day and night to design the plan for the Princess of Wales to return to work after weeks of pressure. “They know the whole world will be watching after weeks of intense speculation and comments, often very outlandish, that have appeared on social media.”

The return of Charles III to public activity amid rumors

In the midst of all the controversy, this Tuesday morning, King Charles III met with Korean War veterans at Buckingham Palace for commemorate 70 years since the signing of the armistice that ended the conflict.

This is the first appearance of the son of the late Queen Elizabeth II after it was confirmed that he was diagnosed with cancer. Furthermore, it occurs in the midst of complex days in which what would be an important announcement is still awaited, the details of which are not yet known.

In the record that was shared by the Royal Family on their social networks, they also explain that this ceremony occurs in the context that “60,000 soldiers from all over Great Britain and the Commonwealth went into action and 1,100 lost their lives.”

Along with this, they added that their activities continue: “Later today, The Princess Royal and The Duchess of Edinburgh will host a reception at the Palace on Her Majesty’s behalf to mark the anniversary of the Forgotten War.”

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