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Mirza Fakhrul wept bitterly beside Timur’s grave – 2024-04-04 17:54:06

Thakurgaon district BNP late president Bir Muktijoddha, former upazila chairman. Party Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir cried while visiting Taimur Rahman’s grave.

On Wednesday (April 3) at 3 pm, he visited the grave of the late BNP district president at the cemetery adjacent to Ruhia Salehia Darusunnat Fazil Madrasa of Sadar Upazila.

Fakhrul recalled the recently deceased leader and said that the brave freedom fighter Taimur Rahman was a leader of the masses. He always fought for the rights of helpless oppressed people. He died while fighting. When he fell ill—I learned the news while in prison. He went to India for treatment. When I talked to him at that time, he said that he will come back after recovery. But he came back, but as a corpse. Saying this, Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir wept profusely.

After visiting the grave of the party president, the BNP Secretary General said during an exchange of views with the media workers that the people of the whole country are in a terrible situation today. There is no such thing as human rights, there is no such thing as democracy, there is no security for human life. We are struggling to establish these with the people of the country. Under the leadership of Tariq Rahman, the people of the country will surely win in this struggle.

Addressing the party leaders and activists present, BNP Secretary General said that the administration tortures you. You are being persecuted in various ways, still are. You have to appear in court in various cases. Still you stand tall.

Mirza Fakhrul said, people are fed up with the oppression of the repressive fascist rulers. People may not be able to create resistance due to these tortures, but one day you will see that these people will stand up against the oppression. No autocratic-fascist government could survive in the world. Fascists like Hitler are doomed. That old pharaoh, Nimrod, is destroyed. If you don’t stand up for people, if you don’t work for their welfare, no one ever gets forgiveness. This dictatorial government will never be forgiven.

District BNP General Secretary Mirza Faisal Amin, Joint General Secretary Ancharul Haque, Sadar Upazila BNP President Abdul Hamid, District Chhatra Dal President Md. Kayes et al.

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