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The former head of the Estonian branch of Danske Bank committed suicide – 2024-04-02 00:01:54

2024-04-02 00:01:54

The Estonian Police and Border Guard Department on Wednesday, September 25, confirmed to the Estonian public broadcaster ERR the death of the former CEO of Danske Bank Estonia, Aivar Rehe. The body of the manager, who disappeared on September 23, was found by police in the backyard of his own home. As law enforcement officials said, “everything at the scene points to suicide.”

Money laundering charges

Aivar Rehe served as CEO of the Estonian branch of Danske Bank, Denmark’s largest commercial bank, from 2006 to 2015. During this period, as Danish investigators found out in 2018, clients of the Estonian branch made suspicious transactions totaling about $224 billion (converted to 200 billion euros).

As the London newspaper The Financial Times (FT) reported in September 2018, citing a preliminary report from the consulting company Promontory Financial, during 2013 alone, $30 billion belonging to Russians and residents of the countries of the former USSR passed through the Danske Bank branch in Estonia. “Any competent investigator will conclude that there are signs clearly indicating the laundering of illegally obtained proceeds,” said British money laundering expert Graham Barrow at the time.

As part of the case, 10 former Danske Bank employees were detained in 2018 and formally charged in May 2019 with involvement in money laundering through the Estonian branch of the bank. At the same time, as the Estonian prosecutor’s office confirmed to ERR, Aivar Rehe was not a suspect in this case.

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