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The character is moving. Czech footballers presented new jerseys for the Euro – 2024-03-28 10:01:44

2024-03-28 10:01:44

The national football team presented in Prague the new jerseys in which they will go to the summer European Championship. The first set remains red, the second white, the sign has moved to the left. A few details are new.

The Czech national team has thus joined the ranks of countries that will also honor tradition at the championship in Germany and have not prepared any surprising experiments for the fans.

Up until Tuesday’s warm-up match with Armenia (2:1), the footballers represented in the jerseys that they presented in September 2022. The novelty at that time was an enlarged logo with a lion on the chest of the red home kit.

The wards of Ivan Hašek will continue to honor the traditional colors. Printed sharp white collars have disappeared from Puma jerseys, replaced by a wide blue hem around the neck in the shape of a semicircle. One horizontal stripe on the back is also new. Thanks to the different underprints, no two jerseys are the same.

“Most of all, I wish the jerseys to be victorious. Anyway, I like the details on them, such as the fact that the lion symbols will be placed a little differently on each jersey, and each jersey will be original,” said coach Hašek during the official presentation. “The Czech national team most often started in the tricolor and it is right that we stick to this tradition. At the same time, the jersey contains Czech symbols, and the national team will thus proudly represent the whole of the Czech Republic at the Euros,” said FAČR chairman Petr Fousek.

The footballers caused the biggest stir when in November 2019 they introduced the away kit in the green color of the linden leaf of freedom, which to some is more reminiscent of lime. This variant also caused critical reactions.

As for the “fashion show” for this year’s EC, the Italians, French, Hungarians or Danes remain traditional. The home Germans surprised the second set with different shades of purple to pink. The first opponent of the Czech team in the group, the Portuguese, also has a variant with paintings reminiscent of historical azulejo tiles to choose from. Belgians are very original. Their second kit, featuring a pale blue tee with a white collar and brown shorts, is a reference to the famous cartoon reporter Tintin.

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