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Six missing persons are presumed dead in the Baltimore bridge collapse

Authorities in Baltimore announced the suspension of searches for six people who went missing after a traffic bridge collapsed in the American city as a result of a container tanker colliding with it, noting that the six missing people are now considered dead.

Coast Guard official Vice Admiral Shannon Gilreath said during a press conference, “Based on how long the search operations took… and the temperature of the water, we now do not believe that we will find these individuals alive.”
At dawn on Tuesday, a large traffic bridge collapsed in the city on the east coast of the United States after a container tanker collided with it.
Search and rescue teams used drones, helicopters and divers to search for the six missing people in the water.
Surveillance camera recordings showed a container carrier colliding with one of the pillars of the Francis Scott Key Bridge, causing it to collapse.

2024-03-29 03:16:30

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