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“Democratic Party uses special prosecutor Chae Sang-byeong for political purposes… “Do not taint the death of your duty.”

Democratic Party’s 22nd elected candidates stage a tent protest in front of the National Assembly
People Power Party “We haven’t even opened the 22nd clinic… “Outdated behavior”
“Democratic Party uses special prosecution as a tool to maintain pan-opposition forces”


The People Power Party criticized on the 11th, when the Democratic Party of Korea’s 22nd general election winners began a sit-in protest in a tent demanding the acceptance of the Special Prosecutor Act for Corporal Chae, saying, “We must no longer pollute the death of Marines in the line of duty with bad politics.”

Spokesperson Ho Jun-seok issued a comment this morning, saying, “Should we start with the old-fashioned behavior of pitching a tent and showing off our strength when the 22nd National Assembly has not even opened yet?” and pointed out, “We should learn real politics, not just bad propaganda.” did.

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He said, “The Democratic Party is the majority party in the National Assembly with a large number of seats. He said, “He has already taken the legislative power into his hands and is leading the way,” and urged, “The wicked trick of threatening the government and the ruling party with first-term elected officials must be stopped immediately.”

He went on to point out, “The essence of politics is to have dialogue, debate, and reach agreements with those who have different thoughts,” and added, “If you just want to instigate politics, you can quit your National Assembly position and go out on the streets right now.”

Spokesperson Ho said, “The rational and rational voices that said, ‘The principle is that the Special Prosecutor Act is implemented for cases that have not been properly handled in the judicial system’ were completely excluded,” adding, “The President himself said, ‘If there are any shortcomings in the investigation or suspicions are raised, I will be the first special prosecutor. He explained, “We have even stated our position that we will insist on .”

At the same time, he argued, “If a special prosecutor filled with people selected by the Democratic Party is launched, it is very clear that the special prosecutor will not even be interested in uncovering the truth.”

In addition, “Right now, the Democratic Party is trying to use the Special Prosecution Act on Marines killed in the line of duty as a tool to maintain leadership in the pan-opposition forces,” he said. “They are not hesitating to make extreme statements such as ‘impeaching the president’ in order not to be pushed out by the Patriotic Reform Party.” criticized.

He said, “A young life died so sadly while serving in the Marine Corps for the country,” and added, “More than anything, this is an issue that requires an objective and clear investigation of the truth. “The Democratic Party should no longer tarnish the death of Marines through politics,” he urged.


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