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‘Same Bed, Different Dreams’ couple Yoon Jin-i and Kim Tae-geun reveal their ‘newborn holiday routine’


SBS’ ‘Same Bed, Different Dreams Season 2, You Are My Destiny’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Same Bed, Different Dreams’), which will be aired on April 1, depicts the weekend daily life of the popular ‘new couple’ Yun Jin-i and Kim Tae-geun.

At the time of recording, Yoon Jin-i revealed her busy ‘newborn holiday routine’ as she cared for her 12-month-old daughter Jay alone on a weekend morning. On the other hand, Kim Tae-geun, Yoon Jin-i’s ‘Yeouido financial man’ husband, showed a relaxed appearance as he enjoyed sleeping in on weekends and spending personal time, unlike his weekday life where he showed the appearance of a ‘freshman going to work’.

Kim Tae-geun even showed excitement while unboxing a mysterious delivery box, which upset Yun Jin-i. However, Kim Tae-geun continued to hold onto the delivery and wasted time, and Yoon Jin-i became angry and asked, “What are you doing on this golden weekend?” Finally, she called the mysterious man, saying, “Oppa, you can’t do it.” Kim Tae-geun responded by saying, “Why are you comparing yourself to others? It hurts your pride,” heightening the cold atmosphere. My curiosity grew as to what really happened to them.

Yoon Jin-i and his wife usually use ‘home cam VAR’ to determine the right and wrong in their fights, but as the conflict between them continued, they eventually summoned not only their mother-in-law, but also their father-in-law. Kim Tae-geun’s father, the ‘original Kimsman’ who appeared with a unique force, attracted attention as it was revealed that he was a journalist with 46 years of experience.

The father-in-law took steps to mediate the marital conflict between his son, who had been newlywed for three years, and, as expected from a journalist, he summed up the situation with brilliant language and turned the studio upside down. The identity of Yoon Jin-i’s father-in-law, who foreshadowed the biggest repercussions of all time with his cooler-headed judgment than VAR, is also becoming more curious.

Also, like newlyweds, this couple burst into laughter with their ‘different dreams’ even with just a grain of rice. Kim Tae-geun, who is said to be the ultimate ‘cooked rice person’, and Yoon Jin-i, who is a ‘cooked rice person’, did not seem to understand each other, and in the end, Yoon Jin-i confessed, “It’s hard to cook.” Accordingly, Kim Tae-geun, who is serious about rice, took out his secret weapon to persuade Yoon Jin-i, and the MCs who saw this could not hide their surprise, saying, “This is awesome” and “You’re doing that?” This broadcast makes me even more curious about whether Yoon Jin-i will be able to give in to Kim Tae-geun’s cheating ways and regain peace at the dinner table.

‘Same Bed, Different Dreams’ will be broadcast at 10:10 PM on this day.

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