National Camp ‘A’ Teams Secure Men’s and Women’s Titles

The top team, consisting of Arokia Rajiv, Muhammed Ajmal V, Muhammed Anas Yahiya, and Nirmal Noah Tom, finished in 3 minutes and 5.71 seconds to win gold in the men’s 4×400 event at the National Open Relay Carnival 2024 in Chandigarh on Sunday.

Amoj, who missed the 5th India Open 400m earlier, raced for the National Camp A team. The women’s team, led by Vithya Ramraj, Poovamma, Dandi Jyothika Sri, and Rupal Choudhary, also won gold at National Open Relay Carnival 2024 with a time of 3 minutes and 28.64 seconds.

This was only the second local 400-meter competition, making their performance impressive.

Previously, Anas, Vithya, Poovamma, and Nirmal teamed up and won the 4x400m mixed relay final with a fast time of 3 minutes and 17.37 seconds. In another event, Reliance secured victory in the 4x100m women’s relay. Sukhi Baskey, Sabita Tappo, Bonita Lakra, and P. Sahu clocked 46.89 seconds to claim the gold medal.

In the U20 category, the team of Ramol Bhonsle, Abiynaya Rajarajan, Neole Cornelio, and Sakshi Chavan won the women’s 4×100 event in 45.81s, beating Junior Camp B and Punjab. Meanwhile, Vallipi, Mahendra Santa, Karthikeyan S., and D Jayaram clinched the top spot in the U20 men’s section with a time of 40.65s.

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