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Rail Pass for young people: “all regions” finally agree to be implemented this summer

2024-04-03 19:51:08

The ultimatum ended up working. After days of fruitless negotiations, the Minister of Transport, Patrice Vergriete, obtained the agreement of all regions, excluding Île-de-France, to experiment with the “Rail Pass” in July and August. For 49 euros per month, young people under the age of twenty-seven will be able to travel unlimited on all TER and Intercity trains in France. “This is excellent news for the 700,000 young people who will benefit from it during the summer period,” says the relieved Ministry of Transport.

This is a reversal of the situation as the measure, announced in September by the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron, was compromised, as we revealed this weekend. Three regions (Normandy, Hauts-de -France and Auvergne Rhone-Alpes) have until now opposed a categorical refusal. Due to the non-participation of Île-de-France, set aside from the start of the system and the necessary financial investment. No doubt also for political reasons, these regions not wanting to give a “gift” to the government.

“That people under 27 can travel by train unlimitedly in France: in front of Hugo, I said banco! » posted Emmanuel Macron this Wednesday evening, on X, in reference to his interview with YouTuber Hugo Travers. In front of him, he said he was “favorable” to the creation of “a rail pass based on the existing model in Germany”. “The Rail Pass at €49 per month becomes reality this summer. Where would you go ? » he continues on the social network.

This Wednesday morning, on France Info, Patrice Vergriete also called on them to “change their approach”, criticizing a refusal “without explanation”. After his intervention, new negotiations were carried out by the President (PS) of Occitanie Carole Delga, in favor of the project, to convince her recalcitrant counterparts. “They were also harassed by the local press, who asked them why they refused when all the other regions accepted. In the end, they ended up giving in under the pressure, one slips into the minister’s entourage. All this, without changing anything in the deal presented last week. »

If “everyone takes their share of losses”, 85% of revenue will go to local authorities, the rest to the State. In the end, the regions will only be responsible for 20% of the financing of the measure, estimated at 15 million euros, and the State 80%. However, the President (Les Centristes) of Normandy Hervé Morin, and his counterpart (LR) of Hauts-de-France, Xavier Bertrand, had made it a point that the government agreed to finance everything.

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