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Public dissatisfaction should turn into a public revolt against the government. David Ananyan – 2024-03-29 07:31:30

2024-03-29 07:31:30

Former SRC Chairman Davit Ananyan writes:

“Currently, we are living in an environment of recent times (in the conditions of public indifference) of uncertainty that has become normal, but in terms of historical memory, however, it is not typical and unusual for our national image.

The sought-after but unpredictable winds of change are swirling around us, and the political climate is becoming increasingly violent and tense. Demanding new, albeit predictable, thoughts and desires are being voiced by the enemy, claiming to be visionary. The general impression is that their intentions and actions are becoming increasingly real and threatening.

Against the backdrop of these threats, the response and behavior of our political authorities today lacks any indication of adequacy, as we witness toothlessness and indifference, as well as an inability to analyze external challenges and challenges and foresee their consequences. This obvious illiteracy and failure to take actions commensurate with external threats is, in fact, a betrayal of the interests of our people and the state.

At the same time, we are witnessing a gradual increase in the number of people demanding real change, who are demanding a different type of government for our nation, people and state, more energetic and decisive.

Waiting for a new hope for our people and our country cannot be postponed indefinitely. It is obvious that the public discontent should inevitably turn into a public and national-liberation uprising against a government that has not represented our collective interests for a long time.

it’s time for us to stand up as a nation and present our public demands and positions, express our determination about what we want to change. Now each of us must become a part of this transformation, this will be our collective mission to embody the idea of ​​national rebirth with all our might.”

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