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Popular / A horse was trapped on a roof amid the tragic floods in Brazil

2024-05-10 19:50:40

The president of Brazil, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, and his wife Rosângela “Janja” da Silva were moved this Thursday with the rescue of a horse that had been on a roof for days in one of the flooded cities in the south of the country.

“The image of that horse” represents the “suffering of thousands of people,” said Lula at an event in which an aid package was announced for Rio Grande do Sul, a state that for more than a week has been partially under water as consequence of rains that have not yet stopped and have caused at least 108 deaths and totally or partially flooded 425 municipalities.

The horse, known as ‘Caramelo’, remained for days on a roof, the only thing that stood out from a house in the middle of the flood in the city of Canoas, one of the most affected by the storms that have left enormous destruction in the south. from Brazil.

“I can’t imagine what that horse was thinking during that time he was on the roof,” but “I hope no one rides him for a long time, because now he deserves a rest,” Lula said.

His wife, a well-known animal defense activist, announced on her social networks the rescue of the horse, which was carried out in a complex operation by members of the Fire Department and Army veterinarians.

The rescue team, made up of at least a dozen people, went in inflatable boats to the site, evaluated the animal’s conditions, sedated it and loaded it into one of the boats.

‘Janja’ has traveled to Rio Grande do Sul several times since the beginning of the disaster and visited several animal shelters. In one of them she decided to “adopt” a dog, which she has named “Esperanza” and has joined two other dogs that the presidential family has.

Source: International Agencies.

2024-05-10 19:50:40

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