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Olón Case: Daniel Noboa hopes that the Prosecutor’s Office’s investigation provides clarity to Ecuadorians – 2024-05-13 08:26:07

2024-05-13 08:26:07

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The president pointed out that any investigation into the real estate project is “welcome.”

The President of the Republic, Daniel Noboa Azín, upon confirming the opening of an investigation by the State Attorney General’s Office on the environmental complaints to the project ““Echo Olón”stressed that all investigations are welcome.

Noboa reiterated that the attacks carried out against his government are part of the early campaign for the 2025 presidential elections, “this government does not wear itself out in the attempts of obvious politicians to start a campaign ahead of time,” he pointed out.

The president stated that Ecuadorians require clarity about the facts, which is why he described the tax investigation as welcome.

The Prosecutor’s Office’s decision to initiate a prior investigation process into the real estate project that political groups have tried to take advantage of will give Ecuadorians the clarity they deserve. “This and all investigations into this case are welcome.”he pointed.

Daniel Noboa stressed that despite the attacks he will continue working on the “works that really matter to Ecuadorians.”

Source: Diario la HORA

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