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I will not propose another candidate for foreign minister – 2024-04-20 21:49:07

Dimitrov clearly enjoys the trust of the president, Glavchev said

I don’t want to do a casting for foreign ministers, acting Prime Minister Dimitar Glavchev said in “Panorama”.

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“I will not propose another candidate, Daniel Mitov was my candidacy. He decided to comply with the president, as far as I know, he also pointed out why he is resigning,” Glavchev pointed out.

“For Bulgarian foreign policy, if a decree was issued, I would be responsible. There were a series of events – the main one was when Iran attacked Israel with missiles. I called everyone on the phone to take care of the Bulgarians who would feel threatened “, the Prime Minister commented, explaining: “I could not communicate with Minister Dimitrov in any way. It is too long to not be able to make contact”. “My motives are the ones I mentioned. I even offered one of my candidates to accept the position, I can only guess whether a decree would have been issued. I respect my obligations under the Constitution. I will not say the name (of the candidate)”, he further commented Glavchev.

As far as I remember, the party meeting was later than what I am telling you about. This happened on Sunday, then I had the idea to replace Minister Dimitrov, I spoke with the leader of GERB Boyko Borisov and told him about my intentions”, explained the prime minister.

“I stated my intention and presented the characterization as politically balanced. It is extremely difficult to find people who are not politically connected as ministers. In my conversation with Rutte (the Prime Minister of the Netherlands) he exclaimed and said: ‘Where do you find non-party candidates? “. I have struggled for this period in which I had to present a cabinet, I think I have succeeded,” he noted.

Regarding the work with Stefan Dimitrov, Glavchev said: “I don’t think there is a crisis in the cabinet, he clearly enjoys the trust of President Radev. However it is said, the cabinet has a different influence.”

“There is no way I can check the biographies of all the ministers”, Glavchev also pointed out and added that it is difficult to have no one in the cabinet who is not connected to GERB.

“The case with Vatev is quite different. Even during our first conversation, he said that he had doubts about taking over, as he has objections to the acting deputy ministers. I granted his wish that one of them be released, but he still remained with some inhibitions, in the case of Vatev he preferred to leave, but I was also not satisfied with his pace of work”, Glavchev also pointed out.

Regarding Georgi Gvozdeikov, the prime minister commented: “I don’t even know why we are commenting on it. He said he could handle it. If I had let the foreign minister be the coordinator, it would have been even worse. The coordinator is not the chief of staff, he coordinates the institutions , who are conducting the elections, he coordinated things. At the first meeting that was held that day, there were no contradictions, even the CEC said that they are satisfied that it is being held now. Everyone is in communication and there are prerequisites for fair elections,” he added Glavchev.

“The budget balance is in plus by 400 million, the fiscal reserve – 11 billion as of March 31, after that the data normally changes, it depends on who chooses which date. There were concerns when 2-3 billion was lost in a few days and The National Assembly decided to stop the protests,” the Prime Minister also commented.

“There were no alarming positions in Brussels. Everyone realizes that the European elections are a challenge. They only said: Oh, it will be even more difficult for you” when they found out that we will have double elections”, the acting prime minister also noted.

“Do I look happy to you? Not particularly,” Glavchev also commented when he was asked if he was happy that he took the post of caretaker prime minister. “If there is no one else, I will take over,” he said before agreeing to the post. “The people I selected, I think, are balanced. If the condition is that there are no people from GERB, I almost followed it. Daniel Mitov, I know he would have started with a flying start, but he made his choice. But as I said, I I have no other choice”. This will not cause a crisis between him and the president, since “we have a good professional dialogue”, Glavchev pointed out.

“I have no long-term ambitions, the caretaker government has a short term, there must be fair elections and we must not stop Bulgaria on the European path to development,” he said in conclusion.

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