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Most Armenian banks have stopped servicing Mir cards – 2024-03-30 12:54:58

2024-03-30 12:54:58

Banks of Armenia, which are members of the national payment system Armenian Card (ArCa), stopped servicing Russian Mir cards on the night of March 30. Information about this was confirmed to a TASS correspondent at the system’s call center, Day.Az reports.

“Starting today, banks working with our system have stopped servicing Mir cards. If necessary, you can contact specific banks that have stopped accepting your card,” said the operator of the ArCa center.

The fact that Armenian banks have stopped accepting the Mir card is confirmed by the residents of Yerevan who use it.

“After midnight, we tried to accept several payments using the Mir card, but they did not go through. Our POS terminal is serviced by Ameriabank, which announced that it would stop servicing Russian cards. This is probably why the payment does not go through,” the bartender told a TASS correspondent Arina board game club, whose clients are mainly Russian relocants.

A regular member of the club, Alexey, agreed to go to the nearest ATM to try to withdraw money from his Mir card using the Inecobank terminal. It was not possible to do this. “You’ll have to buy a local card. There will be a lot of paperwork, but what can you do,” he said.

On various forums of compatriots and in private channels on Telegram, owners of Mir cards located in Armenia also reported that Russian cards had ceased to function. In particular, such banks as Evokabank, Akbabank and Conversbank were mentioned.

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