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Mei-chan | New album “Yakisoba Pan” released on July 17th | Tower Records first-come-first-serve bonus “A4 clear file” – TOWER RECORDS ONLINE

Mei-chan’s new album “Yakisoba Pan” is released!



In 2011, she first posted “Utattemita” on Nico Nico Douga and began her career as a singer. She is Mei-chan, a miracle maverick who is an online artist. She has gained popularity due to the gap between her innocent character and her super talented singing ability. Her song “I don’t care if you’re a little devil!” has exceeded 32 million views on YouTube and has become a smash hit on subscriptions.
Mei-chan’s new album “Yakisoba Pan” includes songs such as “Kamen”, “Mononoke no Rui”, “Kiss Shishadame!”, “Enjoy”, “Rusei”, and “Akkenai”, and the 2-CD set includes plenty of new songs. A culmination of works.

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First come: A4 clear file (Tower Records ver.)
*Customers who have already made a reservation are also eligible.
*If there is no mention of “Bonuses available” on the product page, the product will not be eligible for benefits.
*If you order multiple items at once, if the storage period for the benefit (1 month from the release date) has elapsed by the time all the items are received, you will automatically be ineligible for the benefit.
*The number of benefits is limited. The offer will end once the limited number has expired.
*The operating status of benefits may differ between Tower Records stores and online.
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[1]When ordering
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2. Confirm your selections on the order confirmation screen and confirm your purchase.

[2]After ordering
After placing your order, you can change the selection of benefit settings at the time of ordering on My Page while the product is not shipped.
※Please see here for the detail.

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