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“It was down for 24 hours.” Beirut International Airport screens returned to work after a cyber attack



/ The departure and arrival screens at Beirut International Airport returned to work normally today, Monday, 24 hours after they malfunctioned and stopped after being subjected to a cyber attack.

The airport administration turned off all screens after being exposed to the cyber attack on Saturday evening.

Throughout the morning and afternoon, the devices operating at the airport kept the display screens completely turned off, including the arrival, departure, and baggage claim screens.

Hand-written signs were used to help travelers reach their card registration and issuance points, in addition to the timing of arriving and departing flights and collecting bags.

This procedure caused a kind of confusion at Beirut Airport among administrators, workers, and travelers alike.

There were no delays in flights or any confusion in air traffic or security systems operating at the airport.

On Monday evening, Beirut Airport President Fadi Al-Hassan confirmed that “the faults in the screens have been repaired 100 percent in the arrival and departure halls and throughout the airport’s passenger terminal building,” confirming that they had returned to work normally.

Al-Hassan pointed out that technical teams are continuing to work on repairing faults in the baggage tractors at the airport.

The official at Beirut Airport confirmed that checking the bags of departing passengers is proceeding normally and there is no delay in the bags as they are checked manually.

He added: “We can say that things have somewhat returned to normal at the airport, waiting for the baggage tractors to operate automatically as they were before.”

Airport officials confirmed that “the baggage scanner systems were not affected, but what happened affected the baggage tractor systems and not the baggage detection devices.”

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