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Libertad achieved its first victory in the Pro League against Técnico Universitario – 2024-04-02 05:46:40

2024-04-02 05:46:40

Libertad de Loja, in a match with few lights, defeated Técnico Universitario by 1-0 and with this they already paid off the -4 point sanction with which they started this season of the Pro League.

On the previous date, Libertad achieved its first point with a draw in the Delfín de Manta fieldso now he needed to win to finally balance the balance at zero, and he achieved it thanks to a goal from the Argentine Lautaro Disanto.

It was also the opportunity to achieve, in front of their people, the first victory of the championship, since until now they had three defeats and a draw.

The clearest opportunity to open the scoring occurred only in the 38th minute, when Técnico’s side, Marlon Medrandahe was left with a ball in the Libertad area, he brought it down well, but he defined very poorly, deviated, without having a marker to put pressure on him.

In the second half, Libertad changed Tobias Donsanti for Jonny Publisherswhile Técnico changed Alexander Mendoza for Anderson Naula.

But the match continued with the same dynamics, many inaccuracies on both sides and almost no emotion in the areas. When a cross was attempted, they were too long.

Libertad did not act on his urgency and seemed to settle for another tie.

At 53m, the Paraguayan entered the University Technician Milton Maciel by Diego Armas and the Uruguayan Gaston Poncet instead of Rodrigo Ruiz Díaz.

But Libertad scored 1-0 after a short touch from Lautaro Disanto with Uchuariat 60m, to get the game out of the lethargy it was in until that moment.

Libertad was left with one less man ten minutes from the end expulsion of José Hernández after a foul on Maciel.

Even so, the scoreboard did not move any further and Libertad achieved its first victory of the year and in the standings it left -4 behind, it already has zero and begins from now on the rest of adding positively.

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