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Kaminski’s confessions that will mark his time at PH – 2024-05-11 11:43:41

2024-05-11 11:43:41

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The radio host will tell his side and provide details about the end of his marriage on Podemos Hablar.

There are only a few days left until the long-awaited episode of PH, in which Francisco Kaminsky will make unprecedented confessions about his marital breakdown with Carla Jara.

After the couple’s media and controversial breakup, the former Mekano girl revealed her truth and this time it will be the turn of the entertainer, who will arrive at the conversation space to make surprising statements.

Although the interview has not yet been broadcast, Chilevisión shared a preview with some of the confessions that Kaminski will make in We Can Talk to Julio César Rodríguez.

Francisco Kaminski confesses his greatest pain in PH

In the new advance of the Chilevisión star, Kaminski once again revived their controversial separation, revealing what they would have been. the real reasons for his breakup with Carla Jara y how this affected the bond with his son.

In the first instance, it will be seen that the animator will defend the version that he has previously given, ensuring that while he was with her he was never unfaithful to her.

“I was not intentionally unfaithful to my wife”Francisco Kaminski will affirm, adding that one of the reasons for the deterioration of his marriage was because “I let time pass.”

Along the same lines, he will also come out in defense of his current partner, Camila Andrade, revealing how he is after the negative reactions on social networks.

However, one of the most shocking confessions of the radio host in PH will be when he refers to the sad situation he is experiencing with his son Mariano.

“The most painful thing that has happened to me is that my son doesn’t talk to me,” said Francisco Kaminski.

All the animator’s statements will be part of an upcoming episode of Podemos Hablar, which will be broadcast this Sunday, May 5 from 10:30 p.m.

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