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Is the ‘Drake Dog Audio’ real or fake as alleged voice recording goes viral on Twitter/X

The term “Drake Dog Audio” is presently trending on social media with many wanting to know if its real or fake

Following a contentious two weeks for the musician, Drake has made an appeal to the media. The Canadian celebrity has been in the news recently due to his spat with Kendrick Lamar, in which the two have been exchanging personal jabs. A few days later, there was a drive-by shooting just in front of Drake’s house.

What is the ‘Drake Dog Audio’ as alleged voice recording goes viral on Twitter/X and Reddit

The debate between Drake and Kendrick Lamar went viral on TikTok and X. And now the Drake Dog audio is making rounds on social media. The veracity of the audio is yet to be confirmed though with it not determined if the recording is real or fake. Drake is yet to comment on it.

Drake Dog Audio is a leaked audio that allegedly features the Canadian rapper Drake acting inappropriately around his dog. The soundbite was supplied to streamer DJ Akademiks in mid-May 2024 by an unnamed source amidst the continuing feud between Drake and Kendrick Lamar.

Drake Dog Audio origin

On May 12, 2024, an X user @dudeface0890 shared a video of Jamaican-American streamer DJ Akademiks watching what appears to be a video that an anonymous source sent about rapper Drake acting inappropriately around his dogs. In the background of the video, dog whimpers can be heard.

Reactions by netizens

A few hours after the recording of Drake allegedly interacting with the dogs became popular on X, it ignited a heated discussion about the veracity of the claims and humorous memes in which users expressed their feelings after reading about the rumour.

@Tadbitspecial on X shared a video of Jesse from Breaking Bad becoming agitated along with the comment, “Why did I just listen to a supposed audio of Drake raping a dog.” 

The alleged incident was also discussed on Reddit, where on May 13th, a post by Redditor Capable-Education724 stated, “DJ Akademiks got sent an incriminating video of Drake during his live stream,” going into detail about what happened during DJ Akademiks’s livestream.

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