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Instead of a cottage, a box on chicken legs. The new Max seat has a living room, a toilet and a bathroom – 2024-03-29 22:27:52

2024-03-29 22:27:52

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When Ladislav Trpák presented his first habitable property a few years ago, Czech glamping was already on the rise. People have discovered that by renting a piece of land somewhere in the “wilderness” and a relatively small initial investment in a mini-house with a bed, they can easily earn extra income on the weekends. Demand and the market are constantly evolving, so even the new Max seat is slightly larger and more comfortable.

Maxík is a posed, which is now on display in Radotín near Prague. Ladislav Trpák and his team working under the Bayaya brand let those interested in alternative housing see it. It is already the fourth type of seating that they have introduced to the market, which differs in size and equipment.

“Demand led us to this. Our customers are mainly those who offer experiential accommodation, and since they usually have their own holiday land, they are not so concerned about dimensions. They want to give their guests more comfort and give them the opportunity to stay with the whole family. Posed Max is a type accommodation, which is actually still on a relatively small floor plan, but it sleeps four people comfortably,” says Trpák.

The stilt house is just over forty square meters and, compared to previous versions, it also boasts a large terrace, its own toilet and bathroom. “It can be connected to utility networks, but it can also work with a separate power source. We designed the first perches with the idea that you can also build them on a plot of land in a forest or in a field, this type is more for those interested who have their own land. It can also be placed in the garden of the cottage, where it can serve as a guest room,” explains the author of the Bayaya brand.

The team delivers the perch already assembled and then fastens it to the owners on the property using screws. The team is able to produce the construction for 1.2 million crowns without tax in about four hundred hours of pure time. “The building is made of modern construction material, i.e. of glued CLT panels. It is expensive, but it is the best quality wood on the market. We believe that most of the seats will be in the world longer than us,” adds Trpák.

Take a look inside the new generation possesion with us.

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