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I did not allow myself to be dictated to who should be appointed to what position – 2024-04-02 10:26:47

2024-04-02 10:26:47

The only person with whom I have spoken, the one who invited me to be part of the “Denkov” office as an expert – this is Kiril Petkov. I see that he turned against me. Probably some people did not like the fact that for these 9 During the month I did not politicize the system of the Ministry of the Interior. And above all, I did not allow anyone to order me who, when, where and in what position should be appointed. This is what the resigned Minister of the Interior Kalin Stoyanov said.

“Dimitar Glavchev did not seek me. If I am sought by him, I will respond to the invitation and we will talk about what we have to say,” he also pointed out.

On the subject of the inspection of the Zheleznitsa tunnel by the European Prosecutor’s Office, Stoyanov emphasized: “We work in very close cooperation with the European Prosecutor’s Office and, in my opinion, in very good synchronization. There are numerous pre-trial proceedings that are being investigated by the State Prosecutor’s Office or employees of the Public Prosecutor’s Office. In addition to them however, there are also numerous preliminary checks”. And he said he could not comment on an ongoing investigation.

Regarding the investigation into the illegal races in Veliko Tarnovo, Stoyanov indicated that by the end of 2024, this problem will be solved. “I know about the case. The important thing is that when violations are found, the sanctions are collected,” he added, quoted by NOVA.

“The Ministry of the Interior is currently prepared to participate in the election process. The commitment is the protection of the election premises, papers, voting machines and, last but not least, the fight against the bought vote”, commented the Minister of Power on the occasion of the upcoming elections.

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