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Musical and poetic evening “Lights of Azerbaijan” was held in Prague – PHOTO – 2024-04-02 10:38:50

2024-04-02 10:38:50

A musical and poetic evening “Lights of Azerbaijan” dedicated to the Novruz holiday was held in Prague, our compatriot from the Czech Republic, a member of the Azerbaijan Writers’ Union, the British Poetry Society, the European Congress of Literary Men and the Union of Russian-Language Writers of the Czech Republic, the founder of the Natavan society, poetess Leila, told Trend Life Let’s run.

Pianist Lamiya Akhundova performed musical compositions of Azerbaijani classics, and poet Leyla Begim recited her dedications.

“About a hundred Azerbaijanis living in Prague, local residents and foreign guests gathered together for a festive dinner. Following the long-standing tradition of lighting bonfires for the Nowruz holiday, we decided to kindle the fires in the hearts of our listeners,” said Leyla Begim.

Novruz is one of the most ancient, beloved and cheerful holidays, which has absorbed the traditional values ​​of the Azerbaijani people. Novruz in Azerbaijan has always been a holiday of the earth, the awakening of nature, moral purity, and equality. According to the ancient solar calendar, this day marks the beginning of spring and the new year. Nowruz is also included by UNESCO in the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, and March 21 is International Nowruz Day.

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