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Hundreds of human rights organizations are calling on the US to stop deporting Haitians – 2024-03-28 21:48:55

2024-03-28 21:48:55

Nearly 500 human rights organizations have signed a letter calling on the US government to stop deporting Haitians fleeing violence in the Caribbean country, Reuters reported, citing BTA.

A total of 481 human rights organizations signed the letter calling on the US government to grant the fleeing Haitians temporary protection status, suspend deportations and release detained migrants.

Some countries, including the US, Canada and France, are evacuating their citizens and staff in Haiti to missions of international organizations such as the UN, the EU, the World Bank and the IMF.

At the same time, countries in the region are stepping up border security measures and deporting Haitians fleeing the violence back to their country, although the United Nations has criticized the practice. The US and Canada have deployed troops to secure their embassies.

“If the United States cannot protect its employees in Haiti, the Haitian government is unlikely to protect Haitian citizens,” the non-governmental organizations’ letter said.

The political situation in Haiti is in a state of deadlock as politicians cannot agree on who should be the president of the transitional council to rule the country and who should be the prime minister. At the same time, the capital Port-au-Prince is gripped by the violence of criminal gangs.

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