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Heiko Maas is said to be back together with his ex-wife Corinna – 2024-03-28 16:56:03

Have Heiko and Corinna Maas given their love a second chance? It is said from the environment that the former spouses are together again.

Heiko Maas has been officially single since his separation from actress Natalia Wörner last year. But now it is said that the former politician is supposed to have a relationship again – with his ex-wife Corinna. This was recently reported by the “Bild” newspaper and based on information from the two of them.

Accordingly, they should have been a couple again since the end of 2023. The report has not been confirmed. Neither wanted to comment on a possible romantic comeback at “Bild”, and Heiko Maas has not yet responded to a request from t-online.

Heiko and Corinna Maas’ marriage ended eight years ago and they divorced in 2018. “The separation is amicable and amicable,” her lawyer said at the time. The two have two children from their time together. “Bild” claims that the former couple always looked after their sons together after their separation. The contact between them never broke off.

In 2023, the relationship with Natalia Wörner failed

In the meantime, Heiko Maas was in a relationship with Natalia Wörner. The relationship began in spring 2016 and they announced their separation in August 2023. “We decided a long time ago to go our separate ways in the future,” Maas and Wörner told the German Press Agency at the time through their lawyer. They kept the exact time of the separation private.

“We will remain on friendly terms and wish each other the best for the future,” the joint statement continued. “We ask you to accept that, for reasons of protecting our privacy, we will not make any further statements on this.” This time too, Heiko Maas seems to value his privacy and has not yet commented on his relationship status.

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