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Heartfelt and sincere: a creative evening of People’s Artist of Azerbaijan Faig Sujaddinov took place in Baku – 2024-03-27 21:11:13

A creative evening of the famous composer, holder of the Shohrat Order, People’s Artist of Azerbaijan Faig Sujaddinov took place at the Heydar Aliyev Palace in Baku, Day.Az reports with reference to Trend.

The concert program entitled “Zəfər” aroused great public interest; the event was attended by prominent public figures, famous representatives of culture and art, and numerous fans of Faig Sujaddinov’s work.

The composer himself opened the concert, performing “Vətən Balladası” on the piano. The touching composition found a response in the hearts of listeners from the first notes.

Next, the host of the evening, People’s Artist Nureddin Mehtikhanly, spoke about the creative activity of the composer, his contribution to the musical culture of Azerbaijan, and the numerous works written by the composer in various musical genres.

“Today we will take a journey into the wonderful world of music and creativity of the People’s Artist of Azerbaijan Faig Sujaddinov, and enjoy his compositions. The concert program is called “Zəfər”, it is dedicated to the Victory of Azerbaijan [в 44-дневной Отечественной войне]fateful stages in the annals of our country,” Mehtikhanly said.

Then the work “Requiem” was performed, dedicated to the national leader of the Azerbaijani people Heydar Aliyev.

“Requiem” was performed by soloists of the Azerbaijan State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater Atesh Garayev and Lala Sultanli. The musical work, filled with deep content, touched the hearts of all those present in the auditorium and evoked thunderous applause.

Next, the anthem of the New Azerbaijan Party (NAP), Concerto for piano and symphony orchestra, oratorio “Shusha”, works “Mən Azərbaycanlıyam”, “Xatirə” and other compositions were performed. They were presented to the listeners, accompanied by the symphony orchestra of the Azerbaijan State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater under the direction of the chief conductor and musical director of the theater, Honored Artist of Azerbaijan Eyyub Guliyev, as well as the theater choir (choirmaster – Honored Artist Sevil Hajiyeva), People’s Artist of Azerbaijan Samir Jafarov, Honored artist Farid Aliyev, as well as Atesh Garayev, Lala Sultanly, Rauf Mammadzade, Miralam Miralamov and laureate of international competitions Fagan Hasanli (piano).

Each piece performed penetrated the hearts of listeners with its sincerity. All the compositions that were included in the concert program were a vivid reflection of Faig Sudjaddinov’s boundless love for the Motherland, its history, culture, and art.

With his music and performance, Faig Sujaddinov gave the audience wonderful, unforgettable moments, and the listeners, as a sign of gratitude to the Master, all the soloists, and musicians of the orchestra, gave them a standing ovation.

Let us note that Faig Sujaddinov was born on June 14, 1947 in Ganja. Since 1969, after graduating from the Asaf Zeynnaly Music College (now the Baku Music College named after Asaf Zeynnaly) in piano, he worked as a pianist in the pop-symphony orchestra of the Azerbaijan State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company at the invitation of the orchestra’s director, Tofig Akhmedov.

In 1977 he graduated from the Azerbaijan Pedagogical Institute (now the Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University), in 1981 – the composition department of the Azerbaijan State Conservatory (now the Baku Music Academy named after Uzeyir Hajibeyli).

Faig Sudjaddinov is the author of numerous pop songs, music for films, and performances. Classical works include a concerto for piano and symphony orchestra, a string quartet, a concerto for piano and chamber orchestra, a scherzo for chamber orchestra, an ode to Ataturk for choir and symphony orchestra, as well as jazz compositions, etc.

Information support – Trend.Az, Day.Az, Milli.Az.

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