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Hania Aamir’s ‘Keefeah’ printed dress is the center of attention

2024-05-12 13:34:31

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(Web Desk) Pakistani actress Hania Aamir’s ‘Keefe’ print dress worn to express solidarity with Palestine has become the center of attention.

Pakistani entertainment channel ‘Hum’ has been organizing its own awards for years and after television awards the channel has also started ‘Style Awards’. After not having ‘Hum Style Awards’ for the past few years now in 2024. It was held in Karachi in which artists and various well-known personalities of showbiz also participated.

On this occasion, Hania Aamir also became a part of the event along with Yashma Gill and became the center of attention with her unique dress. At the event, Hania Aamir wore a pink and black pant shirt with a matching coat designed by Pakistan’s leading fashion designer Noomi Ansari.

The print seen on Hania Aamir’s dress is similar to the scarf called ‘Keffiya’ which is now being worn all over the world to express solidarity with Palestine. Instead of white, pink color was used in the prepared dress.

In addition to this unique dress, Hania Amir also put a small badge of the Palestinian flag on her dress.

Social media users are giving conflicting comments on Hania Aamir’s dress. While some users seemed to like Hania Amir’s act of setting a good example by adopting a way of supporting Palestine at a major event, many found the act pretentious and pointless. One user wrote that ‘the keffiyeh is a symbol of support for Palestine, not a fashion item’, while another wrote: ‘What kind of support is this? There are people dying and here you are taking advantage of their name and using the kafia as fashion.

2024-05-12 13:34:31

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