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GZSZ comeback for Lara Dandelion Seibert – Instagram fans thrilled – 2024-04-02 12:46:51

A completely surprising turnaround is coming to all GZSZ fans. Lara Dandelion Seibert celebrates her return that was never thought possible.

In a dramatic scene, the contract killer was surrounded by a police special task force during a hostage situation. A shot was fired, Zoe fell to the ground with a bleeding wound and the viewer thought: Officers have shot the criminal. But far from it: Zoe is alive! On April 9th ​​she will celebrate her unexpected GZSZ return.

“It feels great and familiar”

The actress herself confirmed this in a broadcast statement. She has been filming again for two months, with secrecy being her biggest challenge. Lara Dandelion Seibert said in the statement: “It feels great and familiar to be back and I’m really looking forward to my time here.” Originally no comeback was planned. The TV actress had hoped for a return, but her mind always told her that it wouldn’t happen. Only her gut feeling told her that her journey with “Good Times, Bad Times” wasn’t over yet.

When she found out that her role as Zoe was going to die a serial death, she cried at first: “It’s crazy how much the character has grown on me. Although I thought the decision for the role was right and exciting at the time, As an actress, I was of course sad to have to leave the series.”

She is now looking forward to the audience’s reactions if her character suddenly reappears. It also promised a lot of excitement and new developments that no one would ever expect.

“Somehow you always had the feeling”

The reactions to the announcement should not disappoint Lara Dandelion Seibert. “Finally some good news,” writes one fan. “I’m looking forward to your comeback,” reads another comment. “I’m happy and really excited,” said another.

For some fans, the return isn’t all that unexpected. “Somehow you always had the feeling that there was more to come,” commented one person. “I hoped, suspected and expected it. I hope for a nice and long comeback,” you can also read.

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