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G. Petrakis: Both teams could win – 2024-04-02 08:33:46

The coach of Panaitolikos, Yiannis Petrakis, was applauded by PAS fans as he entered the field.

People in Ioannina do not forget and know how to reward people who have helped them in difficult times and this particular gentleman traveled for 5.5 with professionalism and ethics. Yannis Petrakis respectfully stood up to the world of PAS, reciprocating the love for them for the warm applause. It is a jewel for Greek football.
At the press conference he emphasized the following: “It was a really great game for both teams, interesting from start to finish. It could have been won by either team based on the opportunities that were created and the conditions that existed. For us, the result is something that is convenient for us, unlike PAS who keeps it last and it is more difficult. I hope both teams will be in the division in the end. I thank the people who recognized the effort we made all these years in PAS and recognized it with their applause.”
On whether he considers that PAS Ioannina was the weakest team in the division: “He could have won today, as well as in the previous match against Atromitos, he was not the weakest in the division. The differences between Atromitos, who were first in the playoffs, and PAS, who were last, are small. He doesn’t really want to distort the atmosphere in a team for many reasons. He has good players, but many factors play into it. I think the roster is good. It’s 5 more games, with 2 good results the thing changes. It was not far for PAS based on image to make these two victories the first two matches. If you see the glass as empty, there is no way you will succeed, if you see it as half full, everything is possible. I’m not saying it’s easy, though. We also have to do everything to secure our position, because there aren’t big differences between the teams.”
On whether the “ah” remains for the opportunity of 94′: “This opportunity to come out 4 to 1 was certainly important, but in the previous phase PAS also missed a very big opportunity. I wish we would have scored, but PAS could have scored in the previous phase as well. The point is valuable, PAS Ioannina’s players gave their all today, that’s why we didn’t have the same image as the match against Panserraikos. PAS was very decisive today and made it difficult for us.”
On the path from the zenith to the nadir that he experienced with PAS and if he sees stress in the PAS players: “I can’t say if I see it in the look because I can’t judge it. But is it possible for a team in this position to be stress-free? Players want help. We are not in an easy position either. You journalists are also an important part, the team needs your support”.

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