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Who is Ryan Neitzel husband of ex-MLB player TJ House as they get married

Here is all you need to know about former MLB player TJ House’s husband Ryan Neitzel

TJ House has had a pretty good post-playing life. And last weekend delivered him one of his biggest highlights to date, as the former MLB pitcher married his partner.

TJ House, one of the few out gay former professional baseball pitchers, recently married in a stunning ceremony in New Orleans, to Ryan Neitzel on March 29.

Who is Ryan Neitzel the husband of ex-MLB player TJ House as they get married

T.J. Home and Ryan Neitzel’s wedding was nothing short of stunning, with the pair making sure their big day was celebrated with grandeur and elegance. The former player, who made headlines in 2022 as the third former MLB player to openly come back out as homos*xual, has since been an advocate for LGBTQ+ representation in sporting activities.

This step by Home and Neitzel is more than a celebration of love; it is a crucial step forward in the march towards inclusivity and acceptance in sports and beyond. In addition to the ceremony, the newly married celebrated with loved ones in Big Easy style, leading their guests on a march through the streets accompanied by a jazz band.

They marched arm in arm at the parade’s front, holding parasols aloft to create a memorable image for their special day.

Meanwhile, fans are curious to know more about the former player’s forever partner.

Who is Ryan Neitzel?

Ryan Neitzel is husband of former MLB player TJ House. Not much is known about him. On Instagram @r_neitzel he has around 1.3k followers as of this writing. Ryan is never shy to share pictures of him and TJ together.

House publicly came out as gay in 2022, serving as a beacon of hope for LGBTQ sportsmen around the world.

His engagement to Neitzel was announced along with his appreciation for the enactment of the Respect for Marriage Act, which allowed them to legally marry and create something lovely together. In a Facebook post, he wrote:

I’ve struggled my entire life with being comfortable in my own skin. I have purposefully distanced myself from people for the sake of trying to protect myself. It’s disheartening how one simple thing can change an individual’s opinion of you in a matter of seconds.”


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