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Femicide in Maipú: victim was pregnant – 2024-04-02 19:37:00

2024-04-02 19:37:00

“My sister lived with this guy who did this. This man was hitting her,” said Brenda, sister of the deceased.

A new case of femicide was reported in the country, after a 34-year-old woman was murdered in the commune of Maipú, Metropolitan Region, during the early hours of this Saturday.

According to relatives, the fatal victim She was pregnant and the mother of five children.

“My sister was married to someone else and I lived with this guy who did this. “This man was hitting him,” Brenda, sister of the deceased, told Meganoticias.

Along with this, he added that “my sister was burned. There was a lot of violence and that happened over time… She never filed a lawsuit for assault.”

The Prosecutor of Flagrancia Oeste, Patricio Rozaswho is carrying out the first steps with the Metropolitan Homicide Brigade of the Investigative Police (PDI).

In that sense, Rozas explained that they are carrying out the procedures to identify other people who may have been present at the home at the time of the woman’s death, as they could provide relevant information as witnesses.

“We are performing three roles; clarify facts, establish responsibilities and provide protection to victims. As for the first thing, we are waiting to see what information the review of the body gives us,” said the prosecutor.

Furthermore, he said that “The participation of a male subject is being investigated, who, if he collaborates with the investigation, can give a statement. That person is in the police unit, to which I am going to go to see his procedural situation and based on the background information that arrives, decide his situation.

This article reports on an ongoing judicial process, so people identified as detained or charged should not be considered guilty or treated as such until they are convicted by a final sentence. (Article 4 of the Criminal Procedure Code).

Gender violence: if you are a victim or witness of economic, psychological, obstetric, physical or sexual violence, you can receive free and confidential guidance at number 1455 of the National Service for Women and Gender Equality (SernamEG). You can also call +569 9700 7000 or the Safe Report Phone: 600 400 0101. If you need psychological, social or legal support, these are the Women’s Centers throughout the country.

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