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Did El Mencho die? DEA clarifies rumors about the alleged death of the CJNG leader

2024-05-13 06:43:48

Did El Mencho die? A woman would have uncovered information relevant to the DEA so that the organism clarify rumors about the alleged death of the CJNG leader.

One of the most discussed theories regarding the development of organized crime in Mexico is about the status of Nemesio Oseguera CervantesEl Mencho.

Well, various media and even sources close to the leader of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) have spread rumors that El Mencho died in 2023.

CJNG, criminal organization led by El Mencho (Video Shot)

Given this and for clarify the alleged death of the CJNG leaderwe will tell you what the DEA about the man known as El Mencho.

DEA clarifies rumors about the alleged death of El Mencho with this testimony

The United States anti-drug agency DEA clarified the rumors about the alleged death of El Mencho.

According to information collected in Infobae, the DEA indicated that El Mencho continues to supervise the operations of the CJNG, since high-level commanders report directly to him.

And this statement regained importance after the journalist Ricardo Ravelo spread his text “DEA confirms death of El Mencho”, in which he reported the alleged death of the CJNG leader.

According to him DEA testimonyexpressed by the journalist, Irene, an elderly womanprovided relevant data to confirm the rumors that Mencho had died.

And the North American organization followed up exhaustively and discovered that the person who would be the grandmother of the CJNG leader She attended a procession dressed entirely in black.

Likewise, the DEA specified that upon returning from what could be described as the grave, Mrs. Irene placed a photography and candles as an offering to El Mencho.

And although this data would already be in the hands of the Federal Government, the journalist indicated, authorities are not involved in confirm rumors of the alleged death of the CJNG leader to avoid riots.

The Mexican government knows, SEDENA knows, but they do not dare to make it official because a real national chaos will break out with violence.

DEA informant

Government of Mexico would know about the death of El Mencho, says DEA (Internet)

Did El Mencho die? This is how the departure of the CJNG leader would have occurred

According to the information that circulated around the alleged death of El Mencho, The leader of the CJNG died during the year 2023 for health reasons.

Well, Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, El Menchowas the victim of a kidney disease who, despite treatments and dialysis, did not give in and ended his life.

Finally, rumors surrounding the CJNG leader indicate that he had been diagnosed years ago, but just like his death, the family and his organization decided to keep the report secret.

2024-05-13 06:43:48

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