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Eurovision Party SKG in Thessaloniki: A Night of Music, Dance, and Celia Capsis

2024-03-30 20:25:27

On the evening of Friday, March 29, a huge Eurovision party was held in Thessaloniki, Greece, for which many Greeks had been waiting for a long time. The party “Eurovision Party SKG”, which took place at the WE club, was produced by the Greek Eurovision site EurovisionFun and the Greek radio station Zoo Radio and hosted various artists alongside the representative of Cyprus for Eurovision 2024 – Celia Capsis (Silia Kapsis). The party included the best Eurovision hits of the competition. The evening was hosted by the Tiktoker and Greek radio broadcaster Margaritis Cachias (Margaritis Cachias). About 1,500 people came to the party, a crazy achievement for a Eurovision party in Greece that was made with a lot of investment on the part of the Greek production.

Watch now – Celia Kapsis in a message to the Israeli audience:

The DJ started the evening 3Sum With a very big Eurovision song party that made all the people at the event dance. Among the songs, the Greeks could be seen singing and dancing to the tune of the song “Unicorn” by Noa Kirel (You can see a section of this in the story on our Instagram page). Then came the first representative of the evening – the singer and representative Angela Priestry (Anxhela Peristeri) who represented Albania in Eurovision 2021 with the song “Karma” which reached 21st place in the final of the competition. Priestri performed the Eurovision song and then appeared with a new song she released in the Greek language.

Then came the favorite representative of the Greeks, Stefania (Stefania), who represented the country in Eurovision 2020 which was canceled and then also in Eurovision 2021. The singer performed her two Eurovision songs: “Last Dance” and “SuperG!rl”.

But the highlight of the evening was of course the first live performance of Celia Capsis (Silia Kapsis) for the Eurovision song “Liar”. The first performance revealed to us her vocal abilities combined with dance. For the first time, Celia sang in Thessaloniki, her mother’s hometown, which made the event even more exciting. Celia’s performance was very impressive and made the local audience fall in love with her and cheer her on.

The one who was absent from the event is Greece’s representative for Eurovision 2024, Marina Sati (Marina Satti). Despite this, her Eurovision song “Zari” got the partygoers going when played by a local DJ.

Cyprus in Eurovision 2024

“Liar” (Hebrew: “Liar”) is the name of the song that will be performed by the singer Celia Capsis (Silia Kapsis), who will represent Cyprus as the number 1 song in the first semi-final of Eurovision 2024 which will take place on May 7 in Malmö, Sweden. The song was composed by the Greek composer Dimitris Kontopoulos (Dimitris Kontopoulos), who has written, produced and composed 17 Eurovision songs so far, with the Cypriot song this year being the 18th in number. The words to the song were written by the Dutch composer Elka Teil (Elke Tiel). The song is performed in English.

The song deals with betrayal when the lyrics indicate the dishonesty of a partner and telling lies within a relationship. The song conveys a message of self-awareness, resilience and consequences of betrayal in a relationship.

These days, Cyprus is ranked 24th in the betting tables for Eurovision 2024.

Celia Kapsis – Who are you?

Celia Kapsis is a 16-year-old singer of Cypriot-Greek origin, born and raised in Sydney, Australia. In 2022, the singer released her first song “?Who Am I”, which she wrote and composed at the age of 12, after which she released two more songs – “No Boys Allowed” and “Disco Dancer”.

Celia was the lead singer in the young Australian performing arts group “AYPAC”. She then joined the ImmaBeast dance troupe in Los Angeles, where she danced with international artists.

At her young age, she already had time to sing and dance with big names in the industry, among them Taboo (Taboo), band member black Eyed Peas (Black Eyed Peas). In addition to singing and dancing, Celia played the lead role in the movie “Pearly Gates”, and was one of the well-known TV presenters on the Nickelodeon channel in Australia.

Her career has so far been divided between jobs in Australia and Los Angeles, and now Celia also aims to connect with the European audience through her participation in Eurovision. Her love for music is present in her life from a young age, and the belief that accompanies her in life is that nothing comes easily, and that in order to succeed you have to invest, persevere and sacrifice.

source: Eurovisionfun

Eurovision 2024: This will be Greece’s 44th participation in Eurovision. Greece joined the competition in 1974 and achieved its best performance in Eurovision 2005 after the singer Helena Pfarizou Won first place with the song “My Number One”.

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