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Emelec confirms that everything has been arranged with Cristhian Noboa, but it depends on FC Sochi releasing him – 2024-03-31 08:40:14

He Emelec transfer market In 2024, it can take a great leap in quality with the Acquisition of Cristhian Noboa to reinforce the midfieldand everything seems to be close to being realized,

The NNegotiations between Bombillo and the 38-year-old player have advanced quicklyand initially it was pointed out that his signing would be closed by June 2024, since it seems that it will be resolved in this market.

Cristhian Noboa belongs to FC Sochi in Russia and has a contract until June 2024, so There are six months left until he leaves as a free agentbut you want to get to Emelec and He keeps it with his team managers so they can release him.

The communications director of Emelec, Carlos Usateguirevealed that «With Noboa everything is fixed, All that remains is for Sochi to release him«, on El Canal del Fútbol.

He also mentioned that this is one of the few new features missing from the squad, and that Apparently the Russian team is going to release him without any problem

Noboa has not been able to shine with Sochi this season, as he accumulates 14 games in which he has scored three goals and provided one assist.

Furthermore, the outlook for the Russian team is not good, because it is located in the last position with 11 pointsand with only three victories in the 18 games of the season.

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