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Dong-Hoon Han “Free education and childcare from the age of 5”… Gradual expansion to 3-4 years old

Dong-Hoon Han, Chairman of the People Power Party Emergency Response Committee and Chairman of the General Election Committee ⓒ News1

Han Dong-hoon, chairman of the People Power Party’s election committee and emergency response committee, announced on the 31st, “We will provide free education and childcare starting from the age of 5 in 2025.” He also promised to expand it to 3 or 4 years old in stages.

On this morning, Chairman Han announced a low birth rate pledge centered on three policies at Yeoneum Hall in Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, including △ reducing education and childcare for infants and young children, △ expanding the scope of tax credits for children’s education, such as arts and physical education academy fees, and △ reducing concerns about caring for children of dual-income parents.

In particular, it was decided to provide free education and childcare for children from the age of 5 by significantly increasing the tuition and childcare fees for children, which are currently providing 280,000 won per month per child. According to data released by the People Power Party on this day, the current standard early childhood education fee for 5-year-olds is 557,000 won, and the standard childcare fee for 4-5 year-olds is 520,000 won and 2,000 won (as of March 24).

Chairman Han said, “Currently, there is almost no burden on parents for children attending public daycare centers or kindergartens, but in some cases, private kindergartens charge up to 200,000 won per month.”

In addition, considering the fact that many dual-income couples use arts and physical education academies as an alternative to after-school care, the Income Tax Act will be revised to expand the scope of children’s education tax deductions for arts and physical academies tuition from preschool children to elementary school students.

Chairman Han pointed out, “According to the current income tax law, Taekwondo academies, which were tax deductible until kindergarten students, are no longer available for elementary school students,” adding, “We should congratulate children entering elementary school, but this is a situation where we should be worried.”

In addition, in order to ease the worries of working parents about taking care of their children, they promised to implement Neulbom School in all elementary schools across the country starting from the second semester of this year and extend operating hours until parents leave work. In particular, the problem of elementary school care and school meals will be solved by expanding Neulbom School during vacation.

Chairman Han emphasized, “We want to complete the ‘National Responsibility for National Childcare for Ages 0 to 12’ by expanding the responsible education that started with Neulbom School to free education and childcare for infants and toddlers.”

In particular, he added, “Just as the entire village worked together to raise a child, the People Power Party will take responsibility and strengthen communication with the National Assembly, the central government, and local governments,” and added, “The ruling party will take the lead in creating a country where there is no need to worry about childcare costs.”

(Seoul, Seongnam = News 1)

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