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Deep Night BL The Series episode 5 release date, time and where to watch ep online

The fans are excited for Deep Night The Series ep 5 whose release date is finally out now

Japan is the only one who knows about Khem’s crush on Wela, a fellow student. While at school, Wela pays close attention to her work and ignores Khem. Khem keeps quiet about the fact that he is the son of Freya, the top host club owner in the country. She has faith in her business acumen and plans to see Deep Night, her host club, succeed.

Deep Night BL The Series episode 5 release date, time, where to watch ep online

Get ready for Deep Night Episode 5 which is all set to release on April 4, 2024 at 9:30pm. The fans can expect the episode to be about 50 minutes long. Season 1 is scheduled to have 8 episodes.

What Exactly Happened so far?

In the fourth episode of Deep Night, they return to university and, according to Khem, finally acknowledge each other. Hold on a second, perhaps that isn’t right. It turns out that during their lunch together, Wela was merely being playful. Knowing that Khem is powerless over the PDA, he might reconsider. Yet, the revelation that he was Khem’s first boyfriend by Japan enchants him.

At the club, Ken observes Seji, who appears to be missing something, taunting Japan. Wela is eager to maintain Khem’s employment, which is essentially just entertainment, while they are in the midst of negotiating their relationship. While tickling each other, they appear to be in a beautiful accord. As they part ways, Ken also appears to be sensing their energy.

Ken and Japan are vying for Seji’s attention in the breakroom, and everyone is watching. Ken hides out with Japan so he may tell her the truth: he and Seji have been friends since before Seji was born. All because of Seji, they go to battle.


While on the phone, Freya politely requests that the other side present a warrant in the future. Despite Meiji’s best efforts to lift her spirits with a cuddle, Freya breaks the bad news: Khem’s aunt is requesting that he relocate to the main family house once again. The moment Khen walks in, acting as if Meiji were adjusting her makeup, they fall apart. Khem breaks the news that he is seeing Wela and brings up rule #5.

A group of ladies is swarming Wela inside the club. What if they start to feel less happy together? Khem mulls over his mother’s response. Is Khem up to the task? She juggles the roles of mother and boss in her thoughts.

Japan assigns himself the task of delivering beverages to Seji’s guests in a separate room. Seji goes outside to inquire about his steadfast commitment to serving his meal. Japan feels overwhelmed and awkward about admitting he has feelings for him. Despite Seji’s accusations that he is immature, Japan persists and even asks whether he can hit on him. “Try it out,” Seji advises.

Where You Can Watch Deep Night Episode 5

You can watch Deep Night Episode 5 on iQIYI. Aside from GMM25 in Thailand, it will most certainly be available on other streaming sites soon.


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