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Controversy Surrounding Mumbai Indians: Rohit Sharma to Leave Team After Pandya’s Captaincy Decision

2024-04-04 12:36:03

The 17th season of IPL is underway in India. Mumbai Indians have been the talk of the town this season. Rohit, who was the captain of the Mumbai Indians till now, was replaced by Pandya which caused anger among the fans.

Due to this, the fans were chanting against Pandya and in support of Rohit Sharma in the playing fields of Mumbai Indians. Mumbai team lost in the first 3 matches played under Pandya’s leadership.

Fans blamed Pandya’s captaincy on social media. Hardik fielding Rohit Sharma in the first match went viral on social media. There was a lot of opposition from the fans. The video of Rohit speaking angrily at Pandya in this match went viral on social media.

In this case, the news that Rohit Sharma will leave the Mumbai Indians team with this season has created a sensation. Pandya’s captaincy reportedly left Rohit Sharma unhappy. Also, the loss of Hardik and Rohit Sharma at the end of the match is a setback for the team. This continues not only in competition but also in the rest room. As a result, information has come out that Rohit is going to quit the Mumbai Indians team.

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