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The real life of the most hated actor at Heart Rescue Station

Actor Quang Su gained attention when playing the role of Nghia in the currently airing movie “Heart Rescue Station”. Playing the villain, marrying only for revenge, Quang Su’s role terrified the audience. Photo: cut from clipIn episode 10, which aired on the evening of April 1, the scene Nghia (Quang Su) flipping cards with his father-in-law (merited artist Pham Cuong) made viewers angry. Most of the audience praised the two actors’ impressive acting. Photo: VietnamnetUnlike his sinister image on screen, actor Quang Su in real life is an exemplary man who loves his family and has a private marriage. Photo: VietnamnetIn real life, Quang Su has been married for 10 years but is secretive about his personal life. Photo: FBNVOnly once did Quang Su post a photo with his wife on his personal page to celebrate his 10th wedding anniversary. However, he did not reveal his wife’s identity. Photo: FBNVHe said that his wife is the person who always accompanies, encourages and supports him throughout his career. Photo: FBNVHe does not intentionally hide his personal life, his close friends all know about his personal life. Photo: FBNVactor I want the public to remember me through my roles on screen. Photo: FBNVQuang Su was born in 1986 in Thanh Hoa, he studied at Hanoi University of Theater and Cinema. Photo: FBNVHe appeared in movies such as: “Let me count tomorrow 2”, “Murder’s Lens”, “Three Thousand Lis Boat”, “Love More than the Sky”, “The Listener”, “My Family is Unbelievably Happy” suddenly”,… Photo: FBNVThe actor graduated from the acting department of Korea National University of Arts. He participated in the movie “Hello Stranger” directed by Kim Dong Hyeon. Photo: FBNVWatching Quang Su, we see the complete difference between real life and the screen. Even though he transformed into a villain, he still received many compliments from the audience for his skillful acting. Photo: FBNVWatch the trailer for the movie “Heart Rescue Station”. VFC source

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