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Choo Mi-ae misplaced… Woo Gained-sik’s ‘shock’ in candidate for Nationwide Meeting Speaker

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Democratic Celebration elects chairman for the primary half of the twenty second time period
“秋 Kang Seong-Lee’s unipolar system is a burden”

Lee Jae-myung provides congratulatory bouquet to Woo Gained-sik Rep. Woo Gained-sik (middle) of the Democratic Celebration of Korea receives a bouquet of flowers from Consultant Lee Jae-myeong after being elected as a candidate for the Nationwide Meeting Speaker on the normal assembly of candidates for the primary half of the twenty second Nationwide Meeting held on the Nationwide Meeting Corridor in Yeouido, Seoul on the sixteenth. Rep. Woo received the vast majority of the votes among the many 169 Democratic Celebration members who participated within the vote, defeating Choo Mi-ae (left). Newsis

Rep. Woo Gained-sik (fifth time period, Nowon-gap, Seoul) of the Democratic Celebration of Korea was elected because the candidate for Speaker of the Nationwide Meeting for the primary half of the twenty second Nationwide Meeting. A stunning occasion occurred in defeating 6-term elected chief Choo Mi-ae (Hanam-gap, Gyeonggi-do), who overtly declared that she had the ‘myeongsim’ (consultant Lee Jae-myeong’s intention) and even coined the time period ‘Eui-chu’ (Chairman Choo Mi-ae anyway) with the complete help of robust occasion members. . Throughout the occasion, “Members’ ‘anti-to’ sentiment towards President-elect Choo, who referred to as for ‘strong-mindedness’, has grown” and “If even the ground chief and the Nationwide Meeting speaker are influenced by ‘thoughts,’ there’s a concern that it could truly put a burden on Consultant Lee. There was an interpretation that “it was caught.”

Within the major for the Democratic Celebration Speaker of the Nationwide Meeting held on the Nationwide Meeting Corridor on the sixteenth, Consultant Woo obtained the vast majority of the votes, receiving 89 votes from 169 of the 171 elected members of the twenty second Nationwide Meeting. President-elect Chu obtained 80 votes.

There was an interpretation throughout the occasion that the sudden consequence was largely influenced by the lawmakers’ antipathy towards President-elect Choo, who pledged to be an ‘ultra-strong chairman.’ Particularly, it has been reported that because the pro-Myung faction took the lead in ‘clearing the loop’ of candidates for chairman, there was rising inside opposition amongst senior figures asking, “Are the lawmakers strawmen?” Accordingly, there’s an evaluation that the ‘Nationwide Solidarity for Financial Democratization and Peaceable Unification’ (Folks’s Solidarity for Financial Democracy and Peaceable Unification) and the ‘Euljiro Committee’, that are teams of lawmakers from the Kim Geun-tae faction to which Rep. Woo belongs, gave plenty of votes to Rep. Woo.

Rep. Woo is evaluated as extra reasonable than President-elect Choo, however he’s a pro-Myung faction that has been with Consultant Lee since his presidential major. Rep. Woo, who stated instantly after being elected, “I’ll guarantee that the Democratic Celebration’s invoice is realized within the Nationwide Meeting,” met with Consultant Lee and stated, “I’ll talk intently with Consultant Lee and perform my work,” and stated, “Because the chairman, I’ll help Consultant Lee’s primary social pledges.” “He stated. Consultant Lee responded, “I imagine that the Nationwide Meeting might be run with public opinion and public sentiment on the middle somewhat than sustaining mechanical neutrality.”

In accordance with the Nationwide Meeting Act, Rep. Woo might be lastly elected as Speaker if he receives a majority vote from the registered members on the first plenary session held after the opening of the twenty second Nationwide Meeting.

Celebration leaders, ultra-hard-line Choo Mi-ae’s ‘Bito’… Lee Jae-myung places the brakes on the ‘dashing’ of the unipolar system

Democratic Celebration selects candidate for Nationwide Meeting Speaker in ‘shock’
Robust pro-Myung faction’s principle of Choo Mi-ae’s election backlash
Senior leaders come ahead and switch the state of affairs round…秋 ‘union regulation monopoly – 盧 impeachment’ boomerang
Professional-Ming world, sudden consequence: “禹 can be pro-Ming”

Democratic Celebration of Korea flooring chief Park Chan-dae, chief Lee Jae-myung, and elected consultant Choo Mi-ae (from the best) are listening to the acceptance speech of Rep. Woo Gained-sik, who was chosen because the Nationwide Meeting Speaker candidate, on the normal assembly of the candidates for the Nationwide Meeting Speaker for the primary half of the twenty second Nationwide Meeting held on the Nationwide Meeting Corridor on the sixteenth. Newsis

Within the Democratic Celebration of Korea’s major to elect the Nationwide Meeting speaker candidate for the primary half of the twenty second Nationwide Meeting, five-term lawmaker Woo Gained-sik defeated six-term lawmaker Choo Mi-ae by 9 votes, inflicting reactions throughout the occasion calling it “an unprecedented upset.” It is because till final week, there was an environment of nearly supporting President-elect Choo with the open help of hard-core occasion members and pro-Myung (pro-Lee Jae-myung) lawmakers. Nonetheless, there’s an evaluation that the consequence was overturned on the final minute because the occasion’s senior leaders started a ‘non-debate’ saying, “Chu Mi-ae isn’t allowed” beginning over the weekend. The opinion that if he follows his ‘clear will’ (Consultant Lee Jae-myung’s intention) from being the ground chief to turning into the Speaker of the Nationwide Meeting, it might be a burden on Consultant Lee’s re-election, can be interpreted as placing a brake on the pattern of ‘Eui-eui-chu’ (the Speaker is Choo Mi-ae anyway).

● Re-election Lee Sang-seo “Chu Mi-ae ‘non-debate’”

In keeping with a number of Democratic Celebration lawmakers on the sixteenth, the occasion’s senior leaders started to maneuver in earnest this week, three days earlier than the election. He persuaded the twenty second elected representatives to elect Rep. Woo, who can truly work, somewhat than the ultra-strong President-elect Choo. One lawmaker stated, “(President-elect Choo) misplaced plenty of belief from his fellow lawmakers as a result of in 2009, when he was chairman of the Nationwide Meeting’s Surroundings and Labor Committee, he pushed by the labor union regulation whereas locking the door to stop even members of his personal occasion from getting into.”

There was additionally an evaluation that there could have been a bunch protest by pro-Moon Jae-in lawmakers in opposition to President-elect Choo, who till lately publicly criticized former President Moon Jae-in. President-elect Choo claimed that in the course of the battle with President Yoon Seok-yeol, who was the Prosecutor Normal in the course of the Moon Jae-in administration’s Ministry of Justice, former President Moon requested him to step down from his place as Minister. President-elect Choo was recruited by former President Kim Dae-jung, however he’s at odds with the Donggyo-dong neighborhood and has a poor relationship with the pro-Roh (pro-Roh Moo-hyun) camp resulting from his historical past of main the impeachment of former President Roh Moo-hyun previously. It implies that there are not any allies among the many main factions of the occasion.

President-elect Chu was additionally conscious of this and emphasised ‘myeongsim’ by bringing ahead robust pro-Myung faction members, however it’s interpreted that this truly incited antipathy. Particularly, there are numerous analyzes that the ‘Democratic Innovation Convention’, a pro-Myung faction group, took the lead in creating the ‘Chu Mi-ae election principle’, which brought about a backlash. One lawmaker stated, “The lawmakers have been displeased with the truth that the Innovation Council talked about to the candidates for chairman, ‘We are going to push for President-elect Chu’ and ‘Our hearts and minds are with President-elect Chu.’” It’s stated that even some throughout the pro-Myung faction have been involved that “President-elect Chu might additionally stab Consultant Lee and others.”

Alternatively, it’s analyzed that the Folks’s Solidarity for Democracy and Peace (Folks’s Solidarity for Democracy and Peace) and the Euljiro Committee, a bunch of Kim Geun-tae-affiliated lawmakers that Rep. Woo is a member of, closely voted for Rep. Woo. It’s estimated that there are about 50 elected members of the twenty second election who belong to the Folks’s Coalition for Democracy and the Euljiro Committee. There’s an interpretation that because the hard-core pro-Myung faction blatantly pushed for President-elect Chu, activist lawmakers, together with the Democratic Folks’s Coalition for Democracy, made a shock present of pressure.

● Senior leaders: “Are we scarecrows?”

Issues throughout the occasion about ‘Lee Jae-myung’s unipolar system’ additionally had an affect. A impartial lawmaker stated, “We imagine that if issues go too far in accordance with Consultant Lee’s needs, there could also be a backlash from public sentiment.” One other member additionally stated, “Is there a member of the Democratic Celebration proper now who isn’t pro-Myung?” and added, “Consultant Lee’s technique of clearing site visitors among the many candidates for chairman was not clean.” Particularly, concerning the truth that flooring chief Park Chan-dae, an actual pro-name, persuaded candidates to not run, one lawmaker identified, “What sort of errand boy is the ground chief of the occasion chief?”

The calculation that “if the Speaker of the Nationwide Meeting is just too robust, the authority of the standing committee chair could also be diminished” seems to have been mirrored from the attitude of lawmakers who’re looking for the chairmanship of the standing committee for 3 or extra phrases. One lawmaker stated, “Some senior lawmakers stated, ‘Are we simply scarecrows?’”

In response to the sudden consequence, the pro-Myung circles took motion to resolve the difficulty, saying, “Congressman Woo can be pro-Myung.” One pro-Myung faction determine stated, “The professional-Myung faction didn’t systematically help President-elect Chu.” There have been combined interpretations concerning the affect this consequence would have on Lee’s reappointment as occasion chief. A key pro-Myung faction member stated, “I don’t know what the state of affairs might be like if President-elect Chu runs for the occasion management election,” and one other pro-Myung faction member stated, “It’s separate from Consultant Lee’s management sooner or later.”

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Reporter Yoo Chae-yeon

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