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Chayanne cooks for her fans and drives them crazy by revealing that she loves them (VIDEO)

2024-05-14 03:24:03

Chayanne55 years old, “cooked” to his fans in a video and he drove them crazy with his creation full of love.

Within the framework of Mother’s Day, Chayanne He shared a very special video for his fans, in which he demonstrated his culinary skills.

The result was something that Chayanne It took months to prepare and the result will surely be loved by all its admirers. The best thing is that anyone can try it for themselves.

Chayanne (@chayanne/I)

Chayanne prepares his most musical dish on video

Chayanne He shared a video on his Instagram account in which he appears ready to cook for his fans.

Thus, the singer is shown accompanied by a grill, a frying pan and a plate with the various ingredients that will give flavor to his dish, among which are:

  • Several photos of Chayanne
  • A disc
  • Colors
  • Autographs

What did Chayanne prepare? Before starting the preparation, the singer originally from San Lorenzo, Puerto Rico, promised that the result would be “something beautiful and from the heart for you.”

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Then, Chayanne began to add the ingredients one by one, until after mixing for a while, adding a lot of heart and letting the fire do its magic, the preparation was ready. What did she turn out?

‘Bailemos Otra Vez’, Chayanne’s most recent album, whose vinyl went on sale on Friday, May 10.

What is attractive about Chayanne vinyl?

The material contains nine songs, titled:

  • Let’s Dance Again
  • Both
  • Live Beautiful
  • The key
  • I need a second
  • It Left Me
  • Dancing bachata
  • Like you and me
  • I love you and that’s it

The vinyl also contains a bonus track titled ‘Say what you feel’, as well as a couple of photos and autographs made in Chayanne’s handwriting.

Do you want to buy Chayanne vinyl? If your answer is yes, visit the page:

The price of ‘Bailemos Otra Vez’ on vinyl is just over 503 Mexican pesos.

Elmer Figueroa Arce, better known as Chayanne, is a singer, actor and dancer born on June 28, 1968 in Puerto Rico.

Chayanne is known for his pop music and romantic ballads, as well as his dancing skills.

To date, the singer has released numerous successful albums and has participated in films and soap operas, which is why he is considered one of the most prominent and popular Latin American artists.

Chayanne (@chayanne/I)

2024-05-14 03:24:03

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