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Bihar Politics, In Bihar, BJP distanced itself from ‘M’, favored ‘Y’, plan ready to break into Lalu’s vote bank! – bihar bjp y plan yadav candidates ready to break lalu prasad yadav vote bank for lok sabha chunav – 2024-03-28 00:46:48

2024-03-28 00:46:48
Patna: Bihar NDA party BJP has announced the names of all its 17 candidates for the Lok Sabha elections 2024. While BJP smoothed the political equation through alliance with Nitish Kumar, Jitan Ram Manjhi, Upendra Kushwaha and Chirag Paswan, for the Lok Sabha candidates, the entire focus was on Y i.e. Yadav along with the upper castes. BJP did not give any importance to M i.e. Muslim and woman. In Bihar, BJP has made a big political move by betting on Y i.e. Yadav to break into the vote bank of Lalu Yadav. BJP had planned to bet on Yadav along with the upper caste even before the Lok Sabha elections. Let’s know its whole story…

Why could BJP play its biggest bet on the upper castes?

Before the Lok Sabha elections, only the two factions of LJP were with BJP in Bihar. Later, when Zeenat Ram Manjhi and Upendra Kushwaha joined, BJP’s hope increased in Bihar with the help of Chirag-Manjhi in getting the votes of Dalit community to join NDA. At the same time, when Nitish Kumar, who laid the foundation of the opposition ‘India’ alliance, left Lalu and joined BJP, the future strategy also became clear. With Nitish joining NDA, it became easier for BJP to garner OBC votes. Nitish Kumar and Kushwaha are considered big faces of OBC community in Bihar. Now BJP had to make a strategy only for the upper caste and Yadav communities. Due to this, BJP especially played its bet on the upper caste among the Lok Sabha candidates. BJP gave maximum tickets to people coming from Rajput, Bhumihar, Brahmin and Kayastha communities.

BJP had released the list of 17 Lok Sabha candidates from its quota on Sunday. In this, 11 out of 17 tickets (64 percent) have been given to upper castes, while the remaining 6 tickets (36 percent) have been given to Dalits and OBCs. BJP has given the most importance to the people of Rajput community among the upper castes. After this, land was given to Bhumihar, Brahmin and Kayastha.

BJP kept distance from women and Muslims!

However, BJP distanced itself from M i.e. women and Muslims in Bihar. BJP did not make any woman or Muslim a Lok Sabha candidate. Earlier it was being said that BJP could give Lok Sabha ticket to Shahnawaz Hussain from Seemanchal, but it did not happen. BJP has distanced itself from both women and Muslims in the selection of candidates in Bihar, but has given special attention to Y i.e. Yadavs to make a dent in Lalu Yadav’s vote bank.

BJP fields Yadav candidates on three seats of Bihar

In Bihar, BJP has placed its bet on Y of Lalu Yadav’s MY equation. BJP has given Lok Sabha tickets to three leaders from the Yadav community in Bihar. These Yadav candidates are Nityanand Rai, Ramkripal Yadav and Ashok Yadav. BJP has again nominated Nityanand Rai from Ujiarpur, Ramkripal Yadav from Patilputra and Ashok Yadav from Madhubani. In 2019 also, all three MPs were elected on BJP ticket. Through these, BJP plans to break into Lalu Yadav’s vote bank Yadav community. Let us tell you, there are 16 percent Yadav voters in Bihar. If these votes come together and go to only one party, it can spoil anyone’s game.

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