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Berliner Volksbühne: Who will succeed René Pollesch as artistic director?

2024-03-27 16:10:17

Culture Berliner Volksbühne

Leander Haußmann, Florentina Holzinger, Dieter Hallervorden – Who will inherit René Pollesch?

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Leander Haußmann, Florentina Holzinger, Dieter Hallervorden, Matthias Lilienthal

Source: picture alliance/dpa/Daniel Reinhardt, Jens Büttner, Peter Kneffel; picture alliance/Eventpress/Kochan;

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Flowers in front of the Volksbühne remember René Pollesch, who ran the theater until his unexpected death. The guesswork about the successor is ongoing. Who could become the new director? Twelve predictions and the probability of them coming true.

Chris Dercon: Failing at the Volksbühne six years ago, Berlin would now be gentrified enough for the Belgian curator, 10 percent.

Claus Peymann: The dinosaur among the old 68ers would have enough experience and argumentative spirit, 20 percent.

Karin Beier: Has so far steadfastly refused every offer to move from beautiful Hamburg to less beautiful Berlin, 0 percent.

Martin Wuttke: He had already stepped in as short-term director of the Berliner Ensemble after Heiner Müller’s death, 30 percent.

Leander Haussmann: His wild time in Bochum was a while ago, but he’s back in Berlin at the Theater RambaZamba, 20 percent.

Claudia Bauer: Staged a Heiner Müller evening at the Volksbühne, which is almost considered an unsolicited application in Berlin, 40 percent.

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Milo Rau: Would fit in politically in Berlin, but wouldn’t leave the Vienna Festival to worry about anti-Semitism clauses, 0 percent.

Nicolas Stemann: Having just failed in Zurich, he could continue to postmodernize more undisturbed in Berlin (there are already enough of them there), 40 percent.

Sarah Waterfeld: Years ago, the activist tried unsuccessfully to get a job at the Volksbühne through the occupation, 0 percent.

Matthias Lilienthal: Has successfully proven in Berlin and Munich that he can ruin theaters with grandeur, 80 percent.

Florentina Holzinger: Reliably fills the hall with its nudist feminism, the Volksbühne could become a dance and circus place, 60 percent.

Dieter Hallervorden: would lead the marginalized fringe group of Steglitz pensioners into Berlin’s city center, 10 percent.

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