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Austrian Airlines cancels 92 flights due to workers’ meeting

2024-04-03 08:40:33

The airline said affected passengers have been informed or rebooked on another flight. They asked passengers to check their flight status on their websitethe Austrian app or via Travel ID (with registration). Passengers booked via an (online) travel agency should contact the respective travel agency.

“We apologise for any inconvenience caused,” the statement read.

The last time workers convened for a meeting, the company had to cancel over 100 flightsaffecting around 9,000 passengers, as The Local reported.

The AUA workforce is planning a works meeting on Thursday April 4th from 9am in the dispute over better salaries for flying personnel.

It’s not clear how long the discussions will take and there is a possibility of further strikes. Despite an expressed willingness to talk on both sides, there was no deal over the Easter weekend.

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The situation between AUA management and on-board staff appears to be deadlocked in the collective bargaining negotiations.

The union is demanding that the wage level of AUA staff be brought into line with that of the parent company, Lufthansa Group, which is based in Germany.

The company has so far shown no intention of complying. AUA CEO Annette Mann even suggested that the Lufthansa Group could serve Vienna with cheaper airlines in future if the staff do not reduce their demands.


The collective bargaining dispute has been dragging on for weeks now, with 17 rounds of negotiations having taken place so far without any results. Hundreds of flights have been cancelled since talks began.

Last Thursday, AUA cancelled around 400 flights due to a 36-hour strike. According to the company, 50,000 passengers were affected by the strike action.

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