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a ritual that has lost its symbolism [Mamadou Oury Diallo] – 2024-03-29 06:37:01

2024-03-29 06:37:01

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The pill passed quickly. The CNRD’s profession of faith through its speech to take power on September 5, 2021 and following days, like a powder of perlimpinpin, had its inhibiting effects on the populace so well, that after the overthrow of the regime of Alpha CONDE, following the days of consultation and the establishment of the government, its fourth discovery, in particular the immersion of executives appointed to high functions at the military camp of Kalakowas unanimously welcomed.

The quintessence of ritual

It is clear that the ideal of transparent and fair governance, held by men and women inhabited by republican values ​​which would protect them from any dishonorable temptation such as our country has always known, was reflected in this initiative. consisting for the CNRD of bringing together these senior executives in a place which symbolizes sacrifice, self-sacrifice, self-sacrifice for the republic. The aim being to cultivate in them, if not to awaken in them, transparency, honesty, integrity, team spirit in the management of public affairs. Thus operating a tabula rasa of all the anti-values ​​which punctuated governance before CNRD.

What about today ?

Two years later, the catharsis that was expected turned into a scandal fair through abusive over-the-counter markets, suspicions of embezzlement, a parochial war, to the rhythm of denunciations and revelations via private media , but also reports drawn up by state control bodies. While the philosophy and spirit of Kalako wanted his initiates, his disciples to have the virtues of good governance anchored to their bodies, the charter of the transition in their pockets everywhere and at all times, that they remember their oaths like verses from the holy books, the CRIEF to mind like an alarm, most have instead found themselves splashed by unorthodox administrative practices which do not break with the low practices of the past. It would seem that the ritual loses its sacredness to become a libation ceremony.

History always repeats itself for those who do not learn from the past

The republican practice which consists of all new leaders declaring their assets being royally ignored from the start of the transition, the bad examples from the top of the pyramid radiating the entire system, we quickly found ourselves in a pattern of recidivism of all anti-values, the result is guaranteed impunity.

So that the ritual of Kalako is not a simple walk in the park, a farce, or even a circus, it would have been necessary, in strict compliance with the principle of accountability, to carry out a meticulous autopsy of the work of each subscriber to the commitments of Kalako, so that we distinguish those who religiously and rigorously respected the spirit of immersion, from those who weakened, failed and succumbed to temptation. Unfortunately, the day after the dissolution of the much-maligned government, so splashed by scandals, half were reappointed, the rest at liberty, no sign on the horizon of the famous commitment to account to the populace, and to make the kleptomaniacs give up. of public administration, public affairs.

What added value would this immersion have for the newly appointed who go there, if the practice has no retrospective, dissuasive effect?

Like someone said ”example at the top, imitation at the bottom”, those who follow you will follow in your footsteps, following the path you take. If those who have failed have not been confronted with their crimes, those who follow will not prevent themselves from adopting the same attitudes.

However, it has been said, I quote ”faced with corruption and the embezzlement of public funds, my hand will not tremble”. Once again, where is this hand at this time?

Mamadou Oury DIALLO

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