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[한국기행] Island Village B&B Part 1 – Daeijakdo Island, ‘Conch Kimchi Ramen’ tasted on board

[한국기행] Island Village B&B Part 1 – ‘Conch Kimchi Ramen’ tasted on board Daeijakdo Island

Let’s go on a trip to an island village to find an isolated paradise! Now I want to go somewhere to follow the spring breeze. I’m going to an island where the blue sea is heart-warming just by looking at it, and the sound of the waves that makes me feel refreshed just by hearing it!

This is a place where you can experience comfortable healing as you walk along the island at your own pace, becoming one with the island, intoxicated by the dazzling scenery of an isolated paradise, intoxicated by the natural taste of breaking your legs provided by nature in a simple bed and breakfast! A pleasant island trip to a place you can’t easily come and go, the excitement of unspoilt scenery. Because it is an ‘island’, it will appease your desire to stay for a long time. <섬마을 민박>Let’s meet.

This week (May 13-17) EBS 1TV current affairs and culture program <한국기행>5 episodes of ‘Island Village B&B’ will be broadcast. Today (13th) at 9:35 PM, EBS <한국기행> In the first part of ‘Island Village Bed and Breakfast’, the episode ‘Even if you get tired of eating (島), Daeijakdo’ will be broadcast.

chapter 1. Even if you get tired from eating, Daeijakdo

[한국기행] Island Village B&B Part 1 – ‘Conch Kimchi Ramen’ tasted on board Daeijakdo Island

Daeijakdo, an island with natural beauty. It is famous for its beautiful scenery, but it is also sad to say that it is rich in abundance.

With such abundant island resources, travel writer Byun Byeong-mo set out to find a ‘6 meals a night’ guesthouse that serves as many as six meals if you stay overnight.

From seasonal ‘spring’ crab stew to fragrant spring vegetables. Taste ‘Conch Kimchi Ramen’ on board the ship. Even the ‘ganjami’ dish, which is considered a delicacy of the West Sea this season. Since three meals a day isn’t enough, they even provide snacks and late-night snacks.

15 years ago, Seon-mi Lim came to Daeijakdo, the hometown of her husband Chun-sik Kang, for prenatal education and fell in love with the friendly sea.

I am happiest living on an island and sharing the things I like to eat and do with the guests of my stay.

An island paradise unfolds where you can eat, see, and rest all day and discover the true taste of travel.

EBS’ ‘Korea Travel’, a space travel in search of Korea’s hidden scenery and a beautiful time travel documentary program that allows you to feel and convey the scent of history, customs, architecture, and culture, is broadcast every Monday to Friday at 9:30 PM.

Reporter Park So-gi Photo = EBS Korea Travel


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