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2024-05-13 20:10:19

The Sandinista dictatorship accused the representation of the renowned beauty pageant in the country for the crimes of conspiracy and treason and banished its former director, Karen Celebertti.

The owner of the Miss Universe franchise, Thai Anne Jakrajutatip, reported this Sunday that the family of the current Miss Universe, the Nicaraguan Sheynnis Palacios, left Nicaragua, and that the beauty queen has been exiled “indefinitely” from her country.

In a publication on her social networks regarding Mother’s Day, Jakrajutatip praises the former director of the organization in Nicaragua, Karen Celebertti, who was banished by the Daniel Ortega regime and accused of the crimes of conspiracy and treason. homeland.

“…exiled your entire family, including our Queen, out of the country indefinitely due to the POWER OF MISS UNIVERSE BRAND!”, Jakrajutatip expressed in a post on Instagram.

The owner of Miss Universe also talks about Palacios’ human qualities and highlights her strength and dedication “to take care of your mother and the entire family who are now outside the country.”

The Nicaraguan newspaper La Prensa reported these statements and cited that in previous days there was talk on social networks that Palacios’ grandmother and brother, who lives in New York to attend to her responsibilities as a beauty queen, had left the Central American country to meet with her “through humanitarian parole”, an immigration route opened by the US.

Sheynnis Palacios is the first Nicaraguan and Central American to win Miss Universe, whose 2023 edition was held on November 18 in El Salvador.

Source: International Agencies.

2024-05-13 20:10:19

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